Red wine vs. Corona lower risk of infection

Red wine against Corona: study proves it should reduce the risk of infection

Red wine against Corona? Drink should reduce the risk of infection, says study

It has long been said that its secondary plant compounds, also called polyphenols, have a beneficial effect on our health. According to this, it is supposed to strengthen the heart as well as prevent cancer, dementia and kidney disease. So it makes sense that Chinese researchers at the Kangning Hospital of Shenzhen have asked themselves whether the positive properties of alcohol can also help in the fight against corona. With an astonishing result, which the scientists have now published in the specialist journal "Frontiers in Nutrition.

Red wine versus corona lower risk of infection

Enjoy a glass of red wine? In corona times this is not a bad idea. (Symbol image) © Panthermedia/Imago

In the end, their research showed that people who regularly drink red wine have a 17 percent lower risk of becoming infected with corona. For this they have the data of almost 474.000 subjects from Great Britain were evaluated, 16.559 of them are said to have already tested positive for Covid-19.

Red wine against Corona? This is how much you can drink of it

The amazing thing: This positive effect did not change when the participants drank more or twice as much red wine as the general recommendation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this is the case with a glass of wine or a glass of wine. Beer per day for healthy people. In addition, alcohol should be completely avoided on two days per week.

White wine and champagne fans also have reason to rejoice: According to the study, those who consumed between one and four glasses per week still had an eight percent lower risk of infection compared to non-drinkers. The situation is different, however, for beer and spirits.

Red wine vs. Corona: Is there more to it than that??

According to the researchers, regular consumption of these alcoholic beverages should lead to a higher risk of contracting corona. And this is independent of the amount and frequency of beer and liquor consumption. So does only wine protect against corona just like cannabis??

The researchers at least give to consider that wine lovers are often also more prosperous and thus less stressful living conditions, which is why they can generally protect themselves from an infection with Corona also better. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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