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Retraining as a healthcare professionalAls Health care professional plan and organize business and service processes, develop service offerings and take on tasks in quality management and marketing. As a businessman / businesswoman in the health service you work in the future in the administrative, social advisory and commercial-organizational range. A high level of performance and commitment as well as diligence and flexibility are important in this occupational field. You should also have good communication skills, be discreet, and be customer- and customer-oriented. Service orientation dispose.

The next dates

On site or from home you can from anywhere participate in our training courses& Coachings participate, both from our sites as well as from home/office from.

Target group

The retraining at indisoft in Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig is aimed at participants with an interest in medical ies, organization and planning of commercial processes. As a prerequisite, you should have a secondary school leaving certificate (MSA) or completed vocational training. Basic knowledge of English is advantageous.

Activities include but are not limited to:

– Customer service, personnel and materials management – Application of social and health care regulations – Planning and organization of business and service processes – Processing of business transactions in service calculation and health care-specific accounting – Development of service offers – Development of marketing concepts – Management of organizational procedures and administrative processes

For more information about the course content of the retraining as a healthcare clerk with IHK qualification or to arrange a personal consultation, please call us at 0800 0301111 or write to us at [email protected].

The retraining lasts 24 months incl. of an internship lasting several months. Through our experienced and practical lecturers you will be trained in the key points of the occupational field. The long-tested variety of teaching methods will help you to prepare for your future professional life.


Core qualifications

– Business forms, law and occupational health and safety – Business and performance processes – Information, communication and cooperation – Marketing and sales – Commercial management and control

– Human resources management – EDP training incl. SAP® User Certificate – Business English incl. LCCI exam

specialist qualifications

– Organization, tasks and legal ies of health care – Medical documentation – Medical terminology – Industry software

– Billing for medical services – Health care management – Marketing in the health care sector

As a retrainee, you will learn the core and specialist qualifications that you would also learn during initial training in this occupational profile in accordance with the Vocational Training Act (BBiG):

– Accounting – Office and administrative work – Statutory health insurance – Statutory long-term care insurance – Calculation – Cost and activity accounting

What else you should know

As a retrainee in the field of healthcare management, you have the opportunity to take advantage of indisoft's job coaching and applicant coaching services.

Retraining to become a healthcare clerk represents a second chance for z. B. Nurses or geriatric nurses who, for health reasons, are o. a. are no longer able to work in your learned profession.


The promotion can u. a. are supported by the employment agency, the job center, the German pension insurance and the vocational promotion service. If you receive an education voucher, the retraining can be funded up to 100%. A compilation about the here mentioned. You can find further funding opportunities on our overview page.


Recognized and certified IHK qualification: Businessman in health care or. Businesswoman in health care

Additional qualification

Intensive training in IT and business English will give you the opportunity to obtain the additional qualifications SAP® User Certificate and LCCI Examination Certificate in addition to the IHK qualification.

You will learn how to use industry-standard software such as z. B. Datev, Lexware and Turbomed. Working materials will be provided to you by indisoft during your time as a retrainee.

Frequently asked questions

How are the earning possibilities as a businessman / businesswoman health service with IHK degree?

The average monthly gross income is € 2.673 to € 2.955.

Source: BERUFENET (as of 02/2019)

Where can I complete my internship?

You can do your internship z. B. at health insurance companies, hospitals, social institutions or in inpatient and semi-inpatient care facilities (nursing homes, homes for the elderly). The subsequent occupational field is also in these areas; work in medical services, medical organizations and associations, and in large medical practices is also conceivable.

We will be happy to help you find the right internship for you.

What interests should you have as a health care clerk?

Health care clerks work in the social-counseling sector. An interest in medical ies as well as in the commercial-organizational area is helpful and advantageous.

What kind of tasks will I have to do??

In your job as a healthcare clerk, you will receive goods and check incoming goods. You will enter patient data into the various information and communication systems and check them for completeness and correctness. They prepare offers of extra services and provide their own or. third party services in a service package for patients. As a healthcare salesperson, you will be involved in the development and implementation of marketing processes.

Where can I find employment as a healthcare clerk??

Business people in health care find employment in various areas of the health care sector. Potential employers are u. a. Health insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes and social institutions.

What further training opportunities are there as a healthcare clerk??

As a healthcare salesperson, you have the opportunity to further your professional development through training or studies.

– Certified specialist in health care and social services – Business administrator for social services – Business administrator for health care management – Quality representative in health care and social services – Trainer for recognized training professions – Health care management, economics – Health science, public health – Business administration, business administration

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to clarify them in a personal conversation with one of our education coordinators. Call us on the toll-free number 0800 0301111 and make an appointment for a consultation. You are also welcome to send us an e-mail at: [email protected].

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