Seo trends in 2022 top 12 of the most important

TOP 12 SEO trends in 2021 that you should knowSEO is a very effective way to drive more consumers to your platforms. It's a challenge to stay current, because SEO is constantly evolving.

But it's worth the effort! About 70% to 80% of internet users click on organic search results in search engines and ignore paid advertising listings. Of these searches, 28% are converted into a successful purchase. So every visitor is a potential customer.

SEO measures are successful when they lead to a top ranking. The metrics for evaluating your SEO efforts therefore require a lot of attention. Key metrics for a good ranking factor include, for example, traffic, backlinks or social shares.

Our guide gives you information about the current trends for the year 2021. With this you can already adjust your SEO strategy today. Prepare appropriate measures.

Here are the 12 TOP SEO trends in 2021:

– 1. Artificial intelligence is becoming even more important – 2. Voice search influences search queries – 3. Optimization for mobile devices affects rankings – 4. Content must comply with Google's E-A-T principles – 5. The long texts lead to improvements in SERPs – 6. Featured snippets are gaining importance – 7. Predictive search is improving – 8. Videos are the future for an effective SEO strategy – 9. The images SEO and image optimization plays a greater role – 10. Semantic search is increasingly used – 11. Local search is essential aspect of SEO strategies – 12. The analyses of data lead to better ranking

1. Artificial intelligence becomes even more important for SEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way people interact with content. Particularly noteworthy is the AI algorithm developed by Google a few years ago called RankBrain. It plays an important role in the ranking factors for the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google's chief scientific officer, Greg Corrado, helped develop RankBrain. He emphasized the tool's unique ability to learn ahead of time.

This probably means that RankBrain can evolve and improve with each new query. Thus, AI becomes one of the top SEO trends.

So the big question is how you can optimize your SEO efforts for RankBrain? Experts believe that user experience will be the deciding factor for content marketing in the future.

This involves factors from click-through rate to dwell time. You need to entertain and engage your readers with useful and well-structured content. The On Page SEO Checker evaluates the quality based on readability, backlinks and other factors.

2. Voice search influences search queries

Google's voice assistant, Apple's Siri, or Amazon's Alexa have made voice input a trend in search. In the meantime, the technology has improved and become more and more popular.

According to a study, about 22% of respondents used a voice assistant at least once a week in the past year.

To optimize your content for voice search, you need to consider the relevant search terms used by users. These are often longer phrases from daily conversation, rather than short terms.

Voice search is fundamentally suited to complex questions and natural phrases. When people type, they are more inclined to use abbreviations.

A suitable voice search would be for example: "What are the new SEO trends for 2021??". Written search on the device looks different: "SEO Trends 2021".

3. Optimization for mobile devices improves ranking

In 2019, Google introduced mobile-first indexing. The search engine primarily looks at the mobile version of a website instead of the desktop version and mobile SEO is becoming especially important.

Worldwide, 92% of global internet users connect via mobile devices and 53% of all website queries now come from cell phones.

With Google's free mobile test you can find out how effective your mobile website is. Then take a look at the report on "Optimization for mobile devices" in the Google Search Console.

To make sure your site is user-friendly, you need to let Google crawl your URLs. The crawler must not pass through robots.txt be blocked.

The bot doesn't load content that requires user interactions, such as clicking or swiping.

Google must also be able to read the content where there are slow page load times.

Use the same meta robots tags for your desktop website as for the mobile version.

4. Content ranks better when it conforms to Google's E-A-T principles

Google has repeatedly emphasized that the quality of content is crucial for ranking success. But what does "quality" mean for Google?

Here, Google points to the E-A-T score. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust or expertise, authority and trust. Since the Google Core Update, these factors determine whether a web page contains useful content of high quality.

They are especially relevant in business sectors that are all about YMYL context. These are, for example, the healthcare or financial industries. YMYL stands for "Your Money or Your Life". In German your money or your life.

The score evaluates websites and content where a recommendation can have a negative impact on the searcher.

There are several ways to create high-quality content. First, your buyer persona must be defined. It ensures that the target audience receives the right content. With the definition of the search intent you can plan the customer journey.

Use this information to create content in the user's preferred format. If teens are your target audience, then you will most likely need to offer videos. If the target audience is of advanced age, videos may not be appropriate.

Remember the E-A-T factors when creating content. Support statements with facts and statistics. References to reputable websites with the domain endings edu or gov.

Such links are further evidence that your content meets Google's E-A-T criteria.

5. Long texts improve SERPs

According to our content marketing study, articles with more than 3.000 words have three times as many visitors and are shared four times as often. They also achieve 3.5 times more backlinks than articles with average length of 901 to 1.200 words.

Focus on long articles to achieve higher rankings. This means that your content must contain quality. The goal is to provide visitors with shareable information that engages them.

How do you achieve this? After delving into the subject and what content marketing even is, you should have this knowledge. In very simplistic terms, first divide your content into sections with H2 and H3 headings to make it more readable. Subheadings are especially important for mobile websites.

Also link to relevant sources with a high ranking factor. Your content must also be easy to share. Add sharing options for it above the headline and at the end of the article.

Our SEO content template tool helps you optimize your content for search. You get recommendations on the length of the content, semantically related keywords and an overview of the best pages.

Seo trends in 2022 top 12 most important

SEMRush SEO content template chocolate cake

6. Snippets are enormously important

Do not panic. You don't have to generate long content exclusively to improve your Google ranking. Featured snippets were introduced by Google in 2017. These are short snippets that make your content more relevant to Google.

When you type a search term into Google, you can sometimes see a box above or below the snippets. This is such a snippet, in German excerpt.

Seo trends in 2022 top 12 most important

Featured snippet example best chocolate cake

Snippets are a great way to land on the highly coveted top ranks of results pages. Web pages with snippets are over 500 times more likely to be visited by searchers than web pages without snippets. Such snippets show structured data in the form of questions. Answers or short instructions with bullet points to. Rich snippets are snippets in search results, such as images, starred reviews, product prices or other relevant information. Focus on questions when creating snippets. Answers as well as relevant keywords. You can use the Google search function Similar questions" Use this tool to get inspired.

7. Discover is a content recommendation tool. Was published by Google in 2017. The new way of searching doesn't even need a user query anymore. Is controlled with artificial intelligence. The tool identifies user behavior over time and gradually learns their habits.

With this information, the tool can identify exactly the content the user is likely to want to see.

The tool already has more than 800 million active users. In order for your website to appear in these search results, you don't have to do anything at all. If Google indexes your page, it will be included. The content is evaluated by Google with algorithms that check the quality and interest of users.

Apparently, location history, browsing history, app usage, calendars, search history, and home and work locations are relevant.

8. An effective SEO strategy takes videos into account

Online videos are the future. YouTube has more than 1 billion users worldwide. If you haven't created videos before, now is the time to.

Not yet convinced? Here are facts: According to Cisco, each person owns an average of 3.6 connected devices in three years. Almost half of these, 47%, are video-capable devices.

But how can you optimize this video content? Start optimizing the name. The description of your video channel. The description should not consist of keywords, but also give an overview of the topic of your channel.

In addition, keywords are of critical importance. If you want to optimize a video, you can get inspiration from the auto-complete on YouTube. Enter the topic of your video. You get suggestions in the search box. These essentially contain a list of suggested keywords for your video content.

9. Image optimization plays a bigger role in search

Visual image search has evolved rapidly. In the past, users could only view the images. But in the future, they may use images to buy products, get information, and more.

Google has long insisted on proper image tagging and optimization. Therefore, it makes sense that this point is part of your long-term images SEO strategy.

If the images on your website haven't been optimized yet, you should take care of it now. Use high-quality, relevant images and customize the file name. Tag the photo file so that it is relevant to the content of the corresponding page.

Use alt tags that allow crawlers to categorize images. Include images in the sitemap as well, because they are still easy to crawl there.

10. Online marketing used to focus on. SEO agencies in the keyword research exclusively on the focus keywords. Today we know that the secondary keywords are just as important. Semantic search will continue to grow in importance. The most important SEO trends include. Google no longer looks only at strings of words, but analyzes context. This is how the search engine tries to better understand the user's search intention.

The more relevant the information provided by semantically related search terms, the better.

Use our keyword tool to identify semantically related keywords and prioritize their level of difficulty. Then, determine which query you want to run first.

Seo trends in 2022 top 12 of the most important

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To address semantic search, it's best to create content that answers questions from your target audience. Optimize the content for topic clusters instead of focusing exclusively on keywords. Structure your content logically and above all, don't write for bots, write for humans.

11. Local search is becoming more important in SEO strategies

When people think of the Internet, they often think of its global structure. But the fact is that most people use search engines to find regional goods and service providers. Like, for example, looking for a good restaurant nearby. Local SEO is important. Is constantly evolving. This development is also partly due to the so-called zero-click search queries, where the user searches for something in Google but does not click on a link. SEO agencies are calling these zero-click search queries the new normal.

In case of a zero-click search query, the user gets his result answered from the SERP itself. Therefore, he does not click on one of the shown web pages or results. One reason for the increase in these specific search queries is the increased provision of snippets.

Often it is local searches, the results of which are presented in a so-called "local pack" be displayed. This is a block of information at the very top of the SERPs, usually with a map or list of companies in question.

How to get your business into local search?

First, you should create a Google My Business page. Then take care of the Local Citations with the help of the appropriate Local SEO tools.

A strong backlink profile is also important. You can use the backlinks of your competitors as inspiration. Contact the link partners for your purposes.

12. Data and analysis have the highest priority for successful ranking

Data science can be used to better understand buyers, visualize campaigns optimally and create targeted content with added value. Through analytics, you'll learn which URLs are being crawled, for example. Be able to identify referral sources.

It can also be used to monitor page load times and check indexing. With the results from the analyses you can control redirections, detect page errors and optimize bounce rates.

You can also use Data Science to determine pages that should not be indexed by the crawlers. These can be potential SPAM pages, for example, which negatively affect the E-A-T credibility of your website.

How do you get this data?? There are many analysis tools in the SEO industry. The SEMrush SEO Toolkit offers you just the right technology to cover everything from ranking factors, competitive analysis, on-page SEO and technical SEO, to link building and many other topics.

You can keep track of all the details and see exactly where you are succeeding and where you might be failing. With our tools you can recognize problems. Can optimize your website regularly.

Learn about the latest SEO trends and techniques

SEO is becoming more and more complex, as our list of SEO trends in 2021 clearly shows. The times of simple keyword or meta optimization are long gone. With the current SEO trends you need to consider a variety of starting points. This ranges from voice control to SEO for videos.

Metrics are constantly changing and it's important to stay ahead in the rankings. With the right SEO tools you will get all the necessary information you need for a sustainable SEO strategy.

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