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A Disability limits the affected person in their physical, mental or emotional health a. About ten million Germans live with a disability. A disability can be congenital or occur in the course of life. Also some chronic diseases can be classified as a disability. This is especially true if the restriction is highly probable longer than six months will persist. People with disabilities often have disadvantages in social life to fight. Therefore, affected persons can disadvantage compensation claim and a Disability certificate apply.

How such an application is made and whether this is possible for you or a relative, you can read in the following article.

Sense and purpose of the severely disabled person's card

A severely disabled person's certificate is a proof of the Right to claim compensation for disadvantages. This identity card is ied by the Supply Office ied and is valid nationwide. The identity card is ied in credit card format and can also be used in several federal states applied for online become.

In addition, the pension office can, if desired, also ie a certificate for the Use of the identity card abroad ie. This certificate can be ied in several languages and states that the person concerned is considered severely disabled under German law and is thus entitled to compensation for disadvantages.

Requirements for the card

In order to obtain a severely disabled person's card, the first step is to degree of disability (GdB) to be determined. This describes the Extent of restriction in increments of ten from 20 to 100. People with a GdB of 20 are considered functionally disabled. From a GdB of 50 or more, the Disability as severe.

For example, diabetes, migraine and Parkinson's disease, but also various tumor diseases, are considered to be severe disabilities. In addition to physical illnesses, mental illnesses also apply under certain circumstances. Mental illness as a severe disability.

The calculation of the GdB is based on the "medical care principles". However, these only provide an orientation framework. However, the individual GdB is determined in decided individually in each case.

From 1953 to 2001, the so-called Severely Disabled Persons Act in Germany, among other things, the determination of the degree of severe disability. Since then the Ninth Book of the Social Code (SGB IX) Integration and equality of people with disabilities in Germany.

If you or a relative is in need of care, you may be entitled to a severely disabled person's card. Therefore, it should be checked for each:n person in need of care:n whether the requirements for a disabled person's card are met. For this it is also advisable to have the degree of care classified.

Further information on the individual degrees of care

The marks on the severely disabled person's card

In addition to the degree of disability, under certain conditions additional so-called Characteristic be noted. These indicate which Effects of the respective disability on everyday life has. Thus, affected persons have the right to additional disadvantage compensations. The signs and their meanings are summarized in the following table:


Considerable walking disability: the person concerned cannot cover distances on foot.

Exceptional walking disabilityThe person concerned can only move with the help of another person or is dependent on a wheelchair.

Entitled to permanent accompanimentThe person concerned can move around in public spaces (z.B. public transport, museums, etc.) do not move without escort.

HelplessnessThe affected person is dependent on the help of others with vital activities (e.g., for the transportation of goods).B. eating, drinking, taking medication).

exemption/reduction of broadcasting feesThe person concerned is severely visually and/or hearing impaired. People who are unable to attend public events due to their condition are also entitled to the RF symbol.

BlindThe person concerned is blind or has a severe visual impairment.


DeafThe person concerned is completely deaf in both ears or severely hard of hearing.

Many chronic diseases also allow additional mark in the severely disabled person's card. For the award of the characteristic sign G can for example Brain-organic seizures or also Diabetes mellitus lead. People with these conditions can also benefit from the disadvantage compensation of the Severely disabled G card benefit. The Severely disabled person's pass B receive people with visual or hearing impairment, as well as mental disability often in addition to the respective marks.

The advantages of the severely handicapped card

A severely disabled person's card brings with it some general advantages. Among other things, people with a severe disability are entitled to:

increased protection against dismissal in the working and living environment Tax benefits
Five additional vacation days per year – Eventual Early pension
Benefits when using public transport, museums and others public institutions

Depending on the characteristic noted on the ID card, there may be further advantages or. Compensation for disadvantages:


Compensation for disadvantages


Free transportation by public transport

Alternative: Reduction of the motor vehicle tax by 50 percent


exemption from parking and stopping restrictions

Parking in handicapped parking spaces, in pedestrian zones and free of charge at parking meters

Additional: Reduction of the motor vehicle tax by 100 percent


Free transportation of a companion on public transport

Many museums and other public institutions allow an accompanying person to be taken along free of charge


Increased disability lump sum for income tax purposes

Care lump sum also for caring relatives


exemption or reduction of broadcasting fees


Reduction of the motor vehicle tax by 100 percent

Free use of public transport

Bringing a companion

Transportation of a guide dog

Applying for a severely disabled person's pass

Anyone wishing to apply for a severely disabled person's card must apply to the Pension office or. the after state law competent authority report. You can find the address that applies to you at the Inquire at the citizens' registration office of your city. In the respective authority an application must be Severe disability law be submitted to.

The only prerequisite is a residence or a job in Germany. On the page of the pension office, this can Application online be filled out. In addition, the application can also be printed and by mail to be transmitted. In addition, the supply office offers Instructions for filling out the form. These tips are also available in easy language. For people with impaired hearing, videos in sign language are available.

The Processing time of the application of a severely disabled person's identity card can be several weeks take. The application for the assessment of the degree of disability is also submitted if your Severely disabled person's card expires and is extended should be. The application must include, among other things, information on treating doctors and physicians be made. In addition, the doctors must be informed of the Confidentiality released will be allowed to give information about the person concerned. The application can be made from 15. year of life independently or under presentation of a Power of attorney from another person be submitted. The doctors of the pension office check the application and decide if necessary about a GdB and the applicable markers.

Period of validity of the severely disabled card

The Validity of the severely handicapped ID card usually amounts to a maximum of five years. If one change in the state of health is not expected is, in exceptional cases, also a unlimited validity of the severely disabled pass possible. Since the processing of the application for the assessment of the GdB may take several weeks, it is advisable to take care of an extension of the card in time.

Here, the recommendation is about three months before expiry. If the health condition changes, you are obliged to report this to the pension office. The degree of disability and also the marks can then be adjusted if necessary.

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