Sick note but correctly rexx systems

Sick leave is still a topic where a lot of half-knowledge circulates and uncertainty prevails. However, employers and employees should always be aware of the applicable rules to avoid misunderstandings and disadvantages.

Everyone gets sick. Statistically, employees call in sick for an average of 20 days a year, according to a study by the umbrella organization of company health insurance funds. What happens when you call in sick or. The employee must be aware of the time limits that apply to sick leave and what is permitted/prohibited.

Sick report and sick note – what is the difference??

Notification of sickness and sick leave are two clearly distinct and different processes. The employee reports sick himself/herself. This is simply a matter of informing the employer of the illness. The sick call must be made even if initially no doctor is visited, for example, because you feel too sick.

The sick note, on the other hand, is ied by medical personnel, i.e. the doctor. After the medical examination, the patient then receives a certificate of incapacity for work – called an AU certificate for short. Most employers want to see this.

According to legal regulations, a sick note must be submitted to the employer after three days of illness at the latest, i.e. on the fourth day at the latest. Employment contracts or supplementary agreements may deviate from this period. In this case, the employer can demand a certificate of incapacity for work on the first day of illness. He does not have to justify this procedure.

Call in sick correctly

There are no formal requirements for calling in sick. The sick employee can inform his employer by telephone or send an e-mail. He or she may even hire a third party to notify the company or go by the employer's office in person to provide the sick leave notice.

If, for example, the company's work processes are such that e-mails are not consistently recorded, then the employer can demand that the sick note be given by telephone. However, he or she must justify why otherwise the smooth running of the company cannot be guaranteed. A phone call also offers the supervisor the possibility in all rule faster Feedback About the well-being as well as the expected duration of the illness to receive.

Notification of sickness via WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or similar services can be problematic. Because apart from the sometimes inadequate data protection, employees bear the risk of faulty or incomplete data transmission. The most effective way to report sick is via a HR software Like the rexx suite. There you can Enter absences and certificates directly, which significantly reduces the administrative workload for HR staff when notifying sickness and saves important time. The employee must notify the employer of the inability to work. The expected duration of which must be communicated immediately. "Immediately" is an elastic term – because legally it means by the start of work on the following working day at the latest.

The time limit for a doctor's sick note is up to the fourth day of incapacity for work. However, this does not refer to working days. Holidays and weekends are part of the time limit. In the event of premature recovery, employees may return to work at any time even if the sick leave has not yet expired. A special certificate from the doctor is not necessary for this purpose. The protection provided by the health and accident insurance remains in force even in the event of an early return to work.

Conduct during sick leave

Sickness notification but correctly rexx systems

If employees are ill and therefore do not appear at work, they must refrain from doing anything that could prolong the recovery process. Unless absolute bed rest is ordered, buying groceries or going to the pharmacy is not a problem. Depending on the illness, a walk in the fresh air can also be beneficial. Going out and having parties, on the other hand, are to be refrained from during illness. In legalese, it is said that one "may not behave in a manner contrary to recovery during the sick leave".

Medical certificate

Unless otherwise agreed in the employment contract, the employer must initially accept a sick note even without a medical certificate. On the other hand, according to the law, the employer is entitled to demand the presentation of the medical certificate earlier than after the usual three days. The Continuation of Remuneration Act refers to calendar days and not working days. If the employee has to prove the sickness with a certificate and falls ill on Friday, then he must submit the certificate on Monday at the latest.

Digital sick note

Until now, the procedure has been as follows: the employee receives a certificate of incapacity for work from the doctor in triplicate: for submission to the health insurance company, to the employer and for the employee's own records. But the familiar yellow slip for those with statutory insurance will soon be obsolete. From 2022, the paper sick notes ied by doctors will gradually be replaced by digital certificates. Doctors then transmit the certificates of incapacity for work digitally to the health insurance companies. The exchange of data between employers and health insurance companies takes place via secure and encrypted data transmission.

In the next step, the respective health insurance company should then inform the employer electronically about the start and duration of the inability to work. For a transitional period, physicians will also have to ie paper certificates as before. It may still take some time before sick notes find their way digitally to the health insurance company and the boss in the future. The deadline has already been postponed several times due to the lack of comprehensive technology. Last update: July 2022.

Visits to the doctor during working hours

Doctor's appointments are a private matter which, according to the law, may only be done during working hours in exceptional cases and if necessary. Regulations in collective bargaining agreements and employment contracts sometimes specify the relevant clause.

If an employee is acutely ill and therefore has to see a doctor, then the visit to the doctor is also necessary and permissible during working hours. Otherwise, it depends on whether the employee has made an effort to get a doctor's appointment outside working hours. In any case, the employer may not demand a change of doctor. The free choice of doctor takes precedence over the interests of the company.

Special rules in the Corona pandemic

As soon as there is a risk of infection for colleagues, there is always a duty of notification to the employer. This also applies to Covid-19. However, if the employee is working during the illness in the Home office and has no contact with employees, then the nature of the illness does not have to be reported.

Competent authorities can impose an occupational activity ban under the Infection Protection Act in connection with Covid-19. Then the employee is forbidden to return to work prematurely even if he/she is in good physical condition. If the authorities order a quarantine, however, employees may be able to work in their home office as soon as they feel fit again.

If employees have to go into officially ordered quarantine because of Corona, then they only get a sick note from the doctor if symptoms are present. If there are no symptoms, the doctor may not ie a certificate of incapacity for work – even if the test is positive. In this case, the employee submits the official notice of the order of quarantine to the employer.

Entitlement to payment during sick leave?

During the period of sick leave, employees have a legal right to sick leave Entitlement to continued payment of wages. During the first six weeks (42 calendar days) this is done by the employer. After that, the employee's health insurance company steps in and pays sick pay. It amounts to a maximum of 70 percent of the last gross salary. In order for the health insurance to cover, the employee must have been ill for six weeks continuously with the same illness. If you recover in the meantime and become ill again, the six weeks start all over again.

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