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Psychosomatic illnessMany sufferers have almost given up hope in the search for a cause for their complaints. It is therefore particularly important to us that, within the framework of the initial diagnostic consultation To get as complete a picture of you and your medical history as possible.

In the process, we collect information about your physical symptoms and previous treatment attempts, about your Biography, as well as current life circumstances. On this basis, a treatment concept can be created in which your personal interplay between body and soul finds its place.


Psychotherapeutic individual and group sessions open up the space for a new look at their psychosomatic complaints. Together with a therapist, particular attention will be paid to the underlying factors. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the complex interaction between body and mind in order to identify the causes and maintaining conditions.

By learning more about yourself and the background of your physical complaints, new Solution strategies will be worked out, which will enable you to deal with stress and strain in a timely and appropriate manner.

Body Therapy

Body-based therapeutic methods are an integral part of our treatment concept in Falkenried. The different methods improve the Mindfulness towards your own body and at the same time tensions and pains can be released by specific hand grips and movements. You will notice how this also improves your psychological well-being.

We use the following procedures:

– Feldenkrais Method – Shiatsu – Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Relaxation procedure

When the body relaxes, the mind also comes to rest. A balanced mind, on the other hand, makes for a relaxed body. Relaxation techniques are very suitable for general well-being as well as for the self-awareness that body and soul are closely connected. Our psychosomatic clinic in Hamburg offers autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. The method used in your treatment will be determined individually according to your needs and wishes.

As a specialist center for stress medicine and psychotherapy, we bring many years of experience in the field of psychosomatics to the table. We do our best to accompany you professionally and appreciatively on the path of your recovery.

In the best hands

"Our psychosomatic clinic in Hamburg enables a sustainable treatment through the holistic approach, whereby you gain long-term joy and quality of life. We are there for you from the beginning!"

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