Sports help from depression fitness knowledge

Statistically, depression occurs more frequently in the winter months. On the one hand, this is due to the short days. On the other hand at the bad weather. Conditions that clearly favor depression. The widespread widespread disease, however, can also occur completely independently of the weather: Stress, burnout, as well as a poor diet are also closely linked to depressive illnesses. According to the German Federal Ministry of Health, women are even more often affected by depression than men, and older people more often than younger ones.

When is it a depression?

Depression is a mental illness that can manifest itself in numerous symptoms. Those affected are usually restless and anxious, have difficulty concentrating and constantly question themselves and their environment. Associated with this are sleep disturbances and listlessness, which can result in increased isolation.

Headaches, neck or back pain, heart and respiratory problems, gastrointestinal problems and abdominal pain are side effects of depression. Those affected withdraw, do nothing more and thus experience fewer and fewer positive experiences. The feeling of falling into a deep black hole from which there is no escape is great. Those affected often find themselves in a vicious circle that pulls them deeper and deeper into depression.

Diagnosis of depression

In order to be able to make an accurate diagnosis, various recognized psychological test procedures are available. These capture important symptoms. Evaluated them with points. The results can then be used to determine the severity of the depression.

For the treatment of the illness the examination of the degree of severity of the depression is essential. With the treatment options available today, depression has a good chance of being cured.

Sport is good for body and mind

Exercise in conjunction with psychotherapy or behavioral therapy can help overcome depression. Especially endurance sports cause the release of endorphins (feelings of happiness). These substances in trained muscles make "depri-substances" The drugs are harmless in the blood, so that they can no longer have a negative effect on the brain.

A study from the USA in the year 2000 confirms exactly this thesis: The neuropsychologist James Blumenthal examined 156 depression patients during a six-month experiment. He divided the patients into 3 groups: Group 1 was given only anti-depressants to cure their disease. Group 2 was active in sports and group 3 did not take any medication, but was to be cured solely by regular sports. As the evaluation on the right shows, group 3 achieved by far the greatest successes.

Sport helps out of depression fitness knowledge

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Exercise relieves stress and tension

It is important to free oneself from this deep listlessness and to motivate oneself by doing sports. Because sport gives the feeling of being able to do something for one's well-being on one's own initiative and independently again. Exercise also distracts from negative thoughts. Those who do sports are better able to switch off and relax. This can prevent the feeling of depression from arising in the first place.

With these tricks it is often easier to motivate yourself:

– Fixed training times – Your own fitness equipment at your disposal – Exercise with other people or in a group

The advantage of having your own fitness equipment is that long "set-up times" are not necessary (driving, looking for a parking space, etc.) and you can start immediately when motivation arises, at any time, 24 hours a day.


– provide breaks between appointments or tasks – pay attention to thought processes and the body to avoid stress – set small goals – make time for sports activities

Sport and physical activity can protect against mood disorders, give some of those affected back their smile and give them the feeling of taking part in life again. Millions of people are affected by depression. It can occur in mild or severe form. There are many ways to escape it or make it more bearable. Consistent fitness training is definitely a good way to heal or prevent salivary stones.

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