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January 2020, the new generalist nursing training has entered into force. It teaches all the skills needed to care for people of all ages. This means that all trainees in the three-year training period will learn how to care for the sick as well as young and old people. The training occupation of health care-. Nurse or. The profession of nurse is replaced by the profession of nurse practitioner. of the nursing specialist replaced. After completing their training, nursing specialists can work in all areas of care.

Trainees who specialize in the care of children and adolescents are also welcome. If you want to specialize in the care of the elderly, you will receive the degree of a health and pediatric nurse (pediatric nurse) or pediatric nurse (pediatric nurse) at the end of the three-year training. Geriatric nurse. They are then assigned to work in their respective care area.

Nursing – Training: The nursing school

The nursing school of the St. Elisabeth Group trains nurses on a newly designed campus in all areas of nursing, u. a. in pediatric nursing or nursing care for the elderly, from. Modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology and a special teaching station enable theory and practice to be closely interlinked. The trainees acquire all the social, ethical and intercultural skills they need to work in nursing care.

Nursing specialist – Training: Theory as a basis for action

During the nursing training, comprehensive knowledge is imparted in the care of sick people and people in need of care of all ages. The trainees learn the theoretical basics in the nursing school. The way the body functions and the influence of illnesses on it are just as much a part of the training as the latest scientifically proven nursing concepts.

This well-founded basic knowledge enables the trainees to understand people of all age groups in their individual situation and to accompany them in a nursing manner. Dealing with dementia patients in particular requires a special approach. Put theoretical knowledge into practice The practical part of the nursing training takes place in the hospitals and nursing facilities of the St. Elisabeth Group. The trainees are deployed in all facilities and thus have the opportunity to get a taste of many different areas and focal points of nursing care. To the facilities of the St. Elisabeth Group includes three hospitals providing maximum care for the general public and two specialist clinics for rheumatic and psychiatric diseases. But also the guest house St. Elisabeth Herne with its short-term and day care, two specialized palliative / hospice facilities and an outpatient care facility are among the practical places where trainees are deployed. This means that all in-depth assignments within the framework of the training can be carried out in facilities of the St. Elisabeth Group can be completed.

The prospective nursing specialists and health and pediatric nurses are also trained in the pediatric medical center of the St. Elisabeth Group deployed at Marien Hospital Witten. Since the 01. On January 1, 2019, the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery will be located at the Witten site, where it will form a joint training program with one of the largest obstetrics departments in the district of the Westphalia-Lippe Medical Association and the Clinic for Children and Adolescents, which includes. a. has a large neonatal intensive care unit, the new center.

Nursing specialist – training: Further education and training opportunities

Even during their training, prospective nurses have access to a variety of further training opportunities, such as. B. in the field of kinesthetics or special EDP courses, open. After successfully completing their training and being taken on, the nurses can specialize further in the group's own training center. University studies following nursing training are also one of the offers.

On the following pages, you will find further information on the new occupational profiles as well as the contents and procedures of the generalist nursing training program. In addition, you can find out about the training starts as well as requirements for application.

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