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Exercise can do justice to the joy of movement of the English Setter. Will his joy of movement strengthened and intensively executed, the English Setter is
a lively, well-balanced and affectionate companion, who, with the correct
upbringing is also quite good-natured and friendly.

Although friendly to children and dogs, this dog is
not suitable for quiet and sensitive people, as he is a very bright and
is an active dog that likes to romp around. With a good and consistent
Education he is still suitable as a gentle family dog.


Appearance / breed standards of English Setter dogs

The English Setter, which belongs to the pointing dogs, reaches
a body height of 61 to 68 centimeters. So this breed belongs to the
medium sized dogs.

The mottled coat of the English Setter is fine and light
wavy. It also feels very silky. This can be found in the
color combinations black/white (blue belton), white/brown (liver belton),
white/orange (orange belton), white/yellow (lemon belton) and tricolor occur.
Basically the coat should look spotted and not curly.

The head of this dog is long. He has a nose with a
pronounced stop and wide nostrils. Its skull is proportionate
wide. The eyes are big. The ears long.


Breed-typical diseases in English Setter dogs

The English Setter is considered a very robust dog breed.
Nevertheless, there are also in this dog some diseases typical of the breed.

Known diseases in English Setter are HD,
gluten intolerance, deafness and various skin tumors.

The English Setter has a life expectancy of about 14 years


Tips for keeping English Setter dogs

Like most breeds of dogs, the English Setter needs
social contact with other dogs and people. Even though he likes to be with in the
household lives, it is possible to keep him in a large kennel – if
one accustoms him early and gives him enough run and attention

With sufficient exercise, the English Setter can also be kept in
can be accommodated in a smaller apartment. In this case a large garden of

Nevertheless he is not a city dog. Should he nevertheless
live in an urban apartment, he must get a lot of exercise in the open air
may. Likewise, one should control his hunting instinct, with the help of games (like.B.
throwing sticks) exhaust. The English Setter is not suitable as a guard dog.
He would rather welcome people than want to scare them away.


Tips for raising English Setter dogs

With an English Setter, one should always keep in mind that
despite his affectionate nature is a hunting dog.

Here is a strict and consistent education is required, otherwise
it leads to the fact that the dog becomes a spoiled and exhausting partner
develops. The education should be without exceptions, because here is
it is important to train the English Setter in a more controlled manner than others
Dog breeds.

You should not train this sensitive dog with harshness, because
he would otherwise refuse to perform altogether. Dog schools help and
support only conditionally – here one should look for an anti-chasing training.


Tips for the care of English Setter dogs

Caring for the English Setter takes a lot of patience and
Time. The long coat should be changed every day, or at least every other day,
be brushed to remove individual dead hairs.

Ear canal and paws should be regularly cleaned from fur
by cutting it off, because there could be small stones in it
caught. In between the fur should be trimmed, so that it is healthy and
fresh can grow back.

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