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The most important facts about studying in the field of health and social services

– Which study options are available? The two areas of health. Social sciences are closely rooted in each other. You can make a lot of difference in this area with a degree in health and social management, create new structures, work out viable financing models and train staff to manage the upheaval with you.

Which study options are available?

Because the two fields of health and social services have such a large overlap, many universities have combined these two degree programs into one: So the two departments of health economics and health management became the degree program in health and social management. This course of study is suitable for all those who like to work in the social sector and would like to bring it further forward with business management knowledge.

In addition to local (technical) colleges, most distance learning institutes also offer courses in the fields of health and social work, for example with the degrees "Social Manager" or "Fachwirt im Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen" (specialist in health and social work).

Of course, you can still study "health management" or "social work" separately, for example. However, combining two courses of study opens up the possibility of working in a broader field, taking on more comprehensive tasks and thus justifying a higher salary in the end.

Whether you choose a specific or a "blended" course of study depends solely on your individual interests and career goals. You should think about whether you feel you belong to a specific field or want to get an overview of the entire health and social care field before choosing your degree program.

How long does the study take?

There is no blanket answer to this question. The general duration of study depends on the study option you have chosen and the degree you are aiming for. If you choose to study full-time for a bachelor's degree, you should expect your program to take six to seven semesters to complete. If you subsequently decide to also add a master's degree, you should plan on another three to four semesters until you graduate.

In addition to the classic full-time study program, many universities also offer a part-time option. In this case, you will have to plan for more time, since you will not have as much time for learning in addition to your job as someone who can only deal with study content day after day. In this case, you should plan at least two more semesters for your Bachelor's degree and at least four semesters for your Master's degree.

If you opt for a distance learning course, you can completely manage your own learning time and need to attend very few face-to-face seminars in order to graduate. Depending on how quickly you complete each lesson in your course, your overall study time will also be shortened or lengthened. As a rough rule of thumb, most distance learners take about 18 months to graduate.

What are the basic requirements for a degree program in "Health and Social Services? The basic requirements for studying "Health. Social" is of course interest in the respective field. However, what many people forget when choosing their degree program is that you will not only deal with knowledge directly related to your subject area in your studies. So you also deal with political ies during your studies. To a certain extent also with statistics, for example.

In the case of combined degree programs such as "Health and Social Management", in addition to the subject-specific modules, there are also many courses on topics such as "Management" and "business administration" are added.

Before you decide on your course of study, you should therefore take a close look at the list of modules to be completed and consider for yourself whether you find yourself with your interests in the description of the course of study.

If you're interested in further education in the field of health and social services instead, our course Specialist for Health and Social Services might also be something for you.

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