The company develops a valuable culture of trust

Corporate culture and company health policyThe company develops an appreciative culture of trust, promotes employee participation in all matters relating to the design of working conditions and provides structures that promote the mental health of employees.

1. Structures and organization

Health-promoting corporate culture
– The company ensures through its values and since mission statement that the contribution of each employee to the company's success is valued and that the promotion of employee health is supported.

Company personnel and health policy
– The company ensures systematic personnel development through appropriate regulations , – The company ensures a fair and transparent salary policy – There are binding company regulations on the most important areas of action for the promotion of mental health

– The company ensures that the business objectives and strategies are known to and understood by employees – The company ensures that the structures of regulated representative employee representation are supported and direct employee participation opportunities are promoted in all health-related ies relating to the design of working conditions.

Responsibility and duties

Tasks, processes and resources
– Responsibility and accountability for planning, implementing and evaluating the promotion of mental health are clearly defined within the organization. Tasks, processes and. Procedures, including operational obligations, are defined. The company provides sufficient personnel-. Material resources available for the promotion of mental health.

Information, counseling and qualification opportunities
– The organization ensures qualification measures for managers in the area of employee-oriented leadership and leadership responsibility in relation to the promotion of mental health, including the promotion of their own health.

– Employees can find out about the most important ies related to mental health in the workplace. For employees under mental stress, the organization creates support structures and keeps z.B. Information-. Consultancy services available.

– The company ensures that in change processes, and especially in economic crises, the concerns of employees are taken into account and that they are involved in change processes.

2. Processes and measures

Operational context of employee management/work organization
– The company ensures a high quality of management. For this purpose, it collects relevant information, plans improvement measures, implements them and controls the adjustment of further measures on the basis of corresponding evaluations.

Employee-oriented leadership
– Managers follow the principles of employee-oriented leadership in their day-to-day management practice. You take into account each individual employee according to his or her individual stress/strain and resources and act as a role model with regard to health-promoting behavior.

Promotion of mental health/field of action
– The company ensures a high quality of measures to promote mental health in the following three areas of action: . Measures to reduce, limit or. Avoidance of psychological stress (prevention): . Measures to strengthen mental health resources (health promotion); . Measures to support the psychologically disturbed or ill employed (support).

To this end, it collects relevant information (analysis of stresses/strains and resources), plans improvement measures, implements them and monitors the adaptation of further measures on the basis of appropriate evaluations. Both needs assessments and improvement measures are based on a holistic approach. Link measures to improve working conditions with offers to improve individual behavior.

3. Results and overall assessment

Results in the area of quality of leadership – The company can demonstrate positive results on employee orientation of leadership behavior. – Any deficiencies found lead to appropriate corrective or. Identified psychologically stressed working conditions. Stresses could be improved. Identified psychological resources could be developed. The company's support measures for affected employees are effective and are viewed positively by users.

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