The corn snake knowledge around the corn snake purchase terrarium worlds

Corn snakes, in the technical language as Pantherophis Guttatus designated, belong to the pangolin creepers. It is one of about 2000 known snake species. The adder family is home to six species in German-speaking areas (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), which makes it the most species-rich snake family. They live in almost all areas of the world, are mainly native to temperate, subtropical as well as tropical areas of Africa, Euroasia and North and South America. Depending on the species, adders live on the ground, digging or climbing. The corn snake makes itself comfortable on the ground and buries itself in the foliage and undergrowth for this purpose. About one third of the species are not poisonous. If you want to buy vipers, you will probably be very interested in keeping a non-toxic species in your home. The corn snake is therefore ideal for keeping, as it has no glands that secrete venom.

The special characteristics of corn snakes

Slim and slender, long-tailed with quite large scales on the body. Typically, the head is set off from the neck, the eyes are large and the mouth reaches far behind them. The coloration of corn snakes can be very different: The basic color is usually yellow or red, with sometimes exciting, colorful patterns such as bright rings, different colored stripes, dots or diamonds. Corn snakes can reach a length between 120 and 140 meters centimeters. There are diurnal as well as nocturnal snake species. The corn snake usually shows itself only at dusk. In the wild, corn snakes go into a state of dormancy in winter.

Buying the right food for your corn snake

The prey spectrum of the animals is very large. Corn snakes like small rodents (z.B. mice and rats), birds, lizards, amphibians, fish, but also invertebrates such as worms, woodlice and grasshoppers. They prefer their food still alive. No wonder – after all, corn snakes are real hunters that can unerringly track down their prey even in the dark.

Buying the right housing for a corn snake

It is important to have a good accommodation in the form of an ideally suited terrarium for the tortoise. Click here for the corn snake terrarium.

Buy corn snake online?

Whether big or small, the terrarium scene has more and more fans. Special and unusual animals, are cherished and cared for in their own four walls. Due to the now huge market, many distributors have set up an online store.

Surely it is a good alternative for accessories to make their purchases online. For the purchase of animals, however, not. When buying a corn snake, always seek professional advice.

Furthermore, the animals should not be subjected to unnecessary stress caused by shipping. In particular, proof of origin should be fully provided by a local trader. Illness and behavioral problems are among the most common consequences of shipping a live animal.

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