The costs of an abortion

The cost of an abortionIf the pregnancy is terminated according to the counseling regulation, the woman must pay for the procedure herself, unless her income is below a certain limit. Then the costs are covered.

Costs according to the counseling system

Women who have a non-punitive abortion (colloquially known as an "abortion") under the counseling regime pay for the procedure themselves. For an outpatient abortion, one must expect costs between 350 and 600 euros, depending on the method chosen (surgical or medicinal) and the type of anesthesia used. Medical abortion costs less than surgical abortion because no anesthesia is required.

The statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of the medical consultation, of the necessary pre- and post-abortion examinations and of possible follow-up treatments in case of complications.

Financial assistance

If a woman has little or no income and no assets that can be used in the short term, she is entitled to have the costs of the abortion covered under certain conditions. This is independent of their health insurance status. The procedure is defined in the Pregnancy Conflict Act (SchKG) in the section "Assistance for women in special cases of abortion" (§§ 19 f. SchKG) regulated. Women who receive social benefits or live in an institution whose costs are borne by social or youth welfare are also entitled to have their costs covered. The legal regulations valid in each case can be inquired in a nationally recognized advice center.

The income limit is 1258 euros per month (as of July 2020). It increases by 298 euros if minor children live in the household as well. Even if the cost of accommodation exceeds 368 euros, a subsidy up to also 368 euros is possible.

If there is an entitlement to financial aid, the state in which the woman has her residence or habitual abode bears the costs of the abortion. They extend to the benefits of the procedure itself. A medically necessary aftercare. The application can be made to any public health insurance company. When applying, women do not have to state their reasons for the abortion, but proof of their income situation is necessary.

The health insurance company ies a certificate confirming that the costs are covered and takes care of the financial settlement.

It is important that the costs are covered before the abortion must be applied for at a public health insurance, because retroactively no costs are taken over. The certificate of cost coverage is given to the facility where the abortion is performed.

Due to the corona pandemic, health insurance companies can sometimes offer only limited public service. It is therefore essential that you enquire by telephone or e-mail with a statutory health insurance company of your choice about how you can obtain the necessary certificate to cover the costs of an abortion as quickly as possible.

Costs of an abortion with indication

If there is a medical or criminological indication for an abortion, the costs are covered by the statutory health insurances. Private health insurance usually only covers the costs for the medical indication. In the case of a criminological indication, the reimbursement of costs must be clarified with the respective private insurance.

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