Thick knee causes prevention and treatment

The legs are one of the common problem areas, they can z.B. Be affected by saddle sores. These are two lateral fat deposits on the thighs, and a surprisingly large number of people are affected by a predisposition to this condition. In addition, some struggle with cellulitis in the thigh area. This refers to the condition popularly known as orange peel skin, which causes unsightly bulges and dents in the skin. In addition, both women and men are often affected by excess fat affected on the legs. Thick knees, for example, look unsightly and cause psychological stress, especially in summer in warm weather, on vacation and during various leisure activities as well as in intimate situations. People are afraid to wear shorts, skirts or dresses, or have problems finding suitable clothing when the rest of the legs are rather slim. Some refrain from swimming or playing sports because of the curious looks the knees attract. Precisely because the problem is less common than, for example, thick thighs or strong calves, women or men are particularly ashamed of it.

Since beautiful legs are inconceivable when knees have fat deposits, sufferers long to have slim knees. In this regard, it is worthwhile to learn more about the causes. Also a look at possible Measures against thick knees as well as possibilities of Prevention and treatment helps.

Causes of thick knees

To some extent, people generally suffer from swollen legs. In such a case, swollen knees can also be observed. Generally too much body fat also leads to thick knees, both due to fat deposits and too much prere on the joints. But obesity – itself triggered by various factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, occupation, stress, medication or other illnesses – is not always the reason for thick knees.

a fat knee can be due to water in the legs. In this case, the patient suffers from swollen and inflamed knees, which is triggered by an accumulation of fluid around or in the knee joint. Knee swelling occurs when too much fluid accumulates inside the joint capsule of the knee. Actually we need the naturally existing synovial fluid, so that the joint is oiled quasi and can be moved smoothly. But if excess is present, swelling of the knee either gradually or abruptly. Water in the knee not only looks unsightly, but is a serious complaint associated with pain and limited range of motion. This so-called knee joint effusion can have several causes. Often a knee problem such as Osteoarthritis or arthritis, a Distortion or an injury A trigger for this. If it is not an excess of fluid, it may be a painful Joint bleeding present when you z. B. fell hard on the knee. If an operation was performed on the knee, for example to replace the joint with a prosthesis, a swollen and painful knee is an unavoidable after-effect that subsides with the healing process. A gradually swelling knee may be the side effect of a overloading of the joint be at work (standing for long periods). Infections or diseases such as gout. Rheumatism can cause thick knees. During pregnancy (from the second trimester), the knees swell because increased weight and prere lead to fluid retention. Swollen legs may in this case indicate elevated blood prere. Last but not least, it is conceivable that overloading the knees during training or when practicing a sport that is still new has triggered swelling.

One thing is already clear from this: it is important in the case of thick knees to find out what the exact cause is. A visit to the family doctor can give first clues. If it is a fluid deposit and problematic swelling, completely different measures have to be taken than in case of excess fat in the knee area.

Thick knee causes prevention and treatment

Swollen or too thick knees: what to do?

If you suffer from knee swelling for a medical reason, cooling helps. Put on Ice or very cold showers help to reduce the swelling because the blood flow is slowed down. Application of ice packs at ten-minute intervals may also relieve pain. Many are advised to Putting your legs up. When sleeping, it is recommended to place the feet on a pillow so that they are higher than the heart.

Compressions may also help to reduce swelling, and can be applied like bandages. Support stockings for the knees do not exist. Compression is useless for thick knees due to fat deposits. Stimulate blood circulation. To be combined with alternating showers.

If there is water in the knee, the doctor may take a Aspiration before: It uses a cannula or. Syringe to drain and remove the fluid, though it may form again depending on the cause. To relieve the swelling and pain, an infiltration with cortisone is also suitable. Anti-inflammatory drugs are an alternative to reduce knee swelling.

Anyone suffering from too much knee fat should Regular exercise and training consider. It is important that here the knees are not additionally loaded. Jogging or cycling are less good, whereas Nordic walking, hiking or especially swimming are much better suited. However, there are no targeted exercises as there are for thighs that are too fat. In case of overweight, the weight should also be reduced by changing the diet. However, losing weight is not a guarantee that you will have an effective remedy for thick knees at hand at the same time: Indeed, it may happen that fat is lost only in a certain part of the body, not necessarily (also) in the knees.

Treatment options: Liposuction of the knees

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If thick knees are caused by too much fat, then it is possible to consider cosmetic surgery – especially if neither a healthy diet nor exercise have led to local weight reduction. Liposuction is regularly among the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries in Germany. According to studies of the DGaPC it shared the first place with breast augmentation in the last years. In liposuction, a cannula is used to remove excess fat cells to create a aesthetic, natural result and to achieve a beautiful body silhouette. Incisions and cumbersome operations are not necessary, and the patient is usually treated in twilight sleep. Liposuction on the knees provides visible results quickly. Can be repeated after a few months if necessary.

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