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Prepare with the pilsner "To your health" A joy to friends. With him you give away an unusual beer, which is fun and tastes perfect!

The spicy Pilsner with the attractive added value

So that you can bring along a really unusual beer for your next invitation, we recommend our spicy-fresh Pilsner, which, in addition to a really appealing cover, also has the lettering "To your health" contains. This delicious beer tastes great and also knows how to convince with its sexy image.

With "Auf deine Gesundheit give additional pleasure

Treat yourself to a glass of our tasty beer. The image of the beer "To your health" Invites to contemplation and enjoyment. This rustic bottle is the ideal souvenir for any sick man. You will receive the "To your health in a bottle with a practical swing stopper. This ensures that you can perfectly enjoy this Pilsner to the last drop.

Creativity in design and perfect beer enjoyment

Our pilsner "To your health is naturally brewed for its good taste from the ingredients water, barley malt and hops. This distinctive bottle stands out. Is visually an absolute eye-catcher. With it you get an extraordinary souvenir that is fun to wear.

– Pilsner – contains water, barley malt, hops – 4.9% alc. vol. – 1 liter capacity – with swing stopper – in addition selectable gift box in wood or loop design

Pleasurable views and tasty moments

Experience enthusiasm and perfect taste in combination, triggered by our delicious beer. In addition, this cover offers plenty of room for discussion, which view is now the best. Whether as a funny gift, as a collector's item or just like that, just enjoy the Pils "To your health".

100 ml contains on average:
Energy / NutrientsContent
Calorific value41 kcal / 170 kJ fat< 0.5 g of which saturated fatty acids< 0.1 g carbohydrates3.0 g of which sugar< 0.5 g protein< 0.5 g salt< 0,01 g

This product has no health-promoting properties.

Note: This product contains alcohol and is not to be distributed to persons under the legal drinking age. By placing your order, you confirm that you are of legal drinking age.

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