Top 3 different types of bathing shoes adonis magazine

Summer is getting closer and closer, so many swimming bands open their bathing season. There must be suitable bathing shoes or trendy flip – flops. Sometimes we know bathing shoes under the name of aqua shoes, surf shoes, under neoprene shoes, then under bathing slippers or then again under the names water shoes. Whatever you call it, often a single shoe model is meant.

Wherever you want to swim, whether on the beach or in the bath, bathing shoes are a must – have. With bathing shoes you can avoid injuries that can be caused by sharp stones. Not only do you avoid injuries, you also protect your feet from other foreign objects. Although you should generally stay away from sea urchins, if you do come into close contact with one, slippers will reduce the risk of injury.

– Bathing slippers or bathing shoes – flip-flops – water shoes or aqua shoes

If we speak of classical shoes in the bathing area, we speak of
Bathing slippers*. The soles of bathing slippers are made of neoprene, this material is used for the production of diving suits. Neoprene is also used in everyday life, such as tires or tubes. The wide strap that goes over the instep helps the slippers stay on the foot while walking. With many models you can adjust the size by a Velcro fastener.

Often such shoes are used in sports, such as swimming. Since bathing shoes protect the sole of your foot from injury and you can prevent slipping on slippery swimming pool water thanks to the grippy profile, bathing shoes are indispensable for athletes. The material neoprene has the advantage that it dries very quickly and is mostly padded with an inner foam layer. Bathing slippers are known for being very comfortable to walk in, over longer distances.

If you like to go to the sauna or have been to the sauna once, you know that bathing slippers are mandatory. Bathing slippers serve the hygiene, in the sauna. Some models have nubs on the footbed, these serve that the nubs stimulate the nerves in the foot while walking, that leads to the fact that a foot zone reflex massage is created.

The sound we hear most often in the summer: Clack – clack. We know to which bathing shoes this sound belongs, to the Flip Flops*. In recent years flipflops have been presented more and more often in the fashion world. In some offices flip-flops are even allowed in the summer months. The sole of flip-flops is made of a simple material called rubber. While the sole has little to no tread, as you've no doubt noticed at some point, it's often printed with bright colors and patterns.

The strap on flip-flops is there to prevent you from losing them while walking. Between the big toe and the one next to it, a toe separator is inserted at the strap. Basically you need some muscle play to wear flip flops. Although the shoe is simple in design, your toe muscles must hold the shoe in place. Flipflops belong to the water shoes, but they are not really suitable for a visit to the pool. Since the sole has no profile and the rubber is often printed, there is a great risk of slipping.

In humid conditions, holding on to the flip-flop becomes a challenge. However, flip-flops for walks on the beach or for a visit to the lake are not a problem. The rubber sole is a bit delicate, so flip flops won't give you complete protection from injury.

Since water shoes or aqua shoes, as they can still be called, are an all-rounder, for all activities, we have written a separate article for aqua shoes. In the article "Aquaschoes for safe bathing fun on vacation"you will find all the details for the water shoes, how to wash or which Aqua shoes for men*, as well as for Ladies*, but also for Small ones* Are suitable and tips and tricks you should consider when buying aqua shoes.

There are the usual water shoes that almost all of us have had on at one time or another, and there are the aqua shoes designed specifically for lead athletes or hikers. These are also made of neoprene. Are absolutely watertight. Although they do not have an airy shape, as we know from bathing shoes or cros, water shoes protect the foot from painful injuries.

You can easily and painlessly cross stones, rocks and other uneven surfaces with aqua shoes. The characteristic of aqua shoes is their strong profile and strong support of the feet.

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Top 3 different types of bathing shoes adonis magazine

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Top 3 different types of bath shoes adonis magazine

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Top 3 different types of bathing shoes adonis magazine

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