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Business plan and business pitchStagnation is regression. True to this motto, companies must constantly evolve, be innovative and creative and, if necessary, completely reinvent themselves. Whether for new ideas and innovative developments in established companies or for start-ups or spin-offs, one standard applies: No success without a sound business plan and business pitch. It is important that the content, structure and presentation convince the stakeholders and financiers and give them the feeling of a secure decision. In this seminar/workshop you will learn everything it takes to create successful business plans for innovative ideas and pitch them successfully.


The Business Plan

– Requirement of management, stakeholders and financiers for the business plan. – Design and structure of the business plan.

Elements of the business plan

– Product idea, business model, customer journey. – Target customer:in, customer pain, personas. – Market evaluation and market entry strategies. – Financial plan, risk assessment, scenarios (best& worst case). – Management resp. Founder:inside team. – Legal form, forms of participation. – Executive summary: crisp but meaningful overview. – Toolbox Business Plan (u.a. Business Model Canvas, SWOT analysis etc.).

Pitch Deck Best Practice

– Learning from original business plans and pitch decks. – Structure, elements and templates. – Development of the individual Pitch Deck.

Pitch Party

– Storytelling and dramaturgy. – The Elevator Pitch. – Tips on how to avoid mistakes during presentation. – Train your pitch!

Note on your personal learning environment

In your online learning environment you will find after your registration useful information, downloads and extra services for this qualification measure.

Your benefit

In this interactive training, you will learn to,

– How to build the business plan that's right for the company and for you, – What tools and elements you should ideally access in the process, and – How to develop and present a compelling pitch deck.

You will receive a toolbox and an individual roadmap for your individual project and can train your pitch directly on site.

Conducted by


Interactive training with a mix of theory input, practical tips and own application, discussion as well as individual and group work. Participants' own examples can be included.

Participants:inside circle

All those who want to set up a business plan and pitch successfully in an existing or new company: Managers, executives, entrepreneurs, founders.

Open Badges – Show what you can do.

training business plan haufe academy

After successful completion of the course you will receive a digital certificate in the form of an Open Badge. You can download this in your learning environment and then embed and share it via social media. With Open Badges you show online which competencies you possess.

Be prepared for investors with the Business Plan Seminar

Many companies underestimate how important the business plan is in convincing investors, banks or other providers of capital. An appealing business plan shows exactly how much potential can be found in a business idea. This makes it all the more important for startups or established companies to take great pains in creating the plan. But what is important? In this business plan seminar from Haufe Akademie, participants learn exactly how to create a convincing and clearly structured financial plan for investors.

Mix of methods with a large portion of practical relevance

There is a lot of literature on creating business plans that you can refer to. Just as many supposed professionals offer free tips on the net about the business plan. But in the end the theory is only one side of the coin. Therefore this business plan seminar works with different methods, with group and individual work, with discussion rounds and practical parts, in order to make you fit for the next investor round in two days. A big plus: With your participation in the seminar you get access to the online learning environment. There you can download training content. Acquire the knowledge material in depth.

Check right now when a Business Plan Seminar will take place near you. Or are you a startup and need basic knowhow for several people in charge? Then take the opportunity. Book this training in-house. Speakers will conduct the seminar at your corporate offices or at a location of your choice!

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