Treat rheumatism and prevent it properly

With sports that are easy on the joints, such as cycling. You can counteract rheumatic diseases with a preventive way of life.

Those who suffer from rheumatism suffer from painful inflammation of the joints or other parts of the body. We explain which methods of therapy are useful for rheumatic diseases and how you can prevent them with the right lifestyle.

Those who suffer from some form of rheumatism usually suffer from painful inflammation of the joints in the locomotor and supporting apparatus, but also in other parts of the body. DONNA Online explains typical symptoms as well as treatment options and shows how you can counteract rheumatic diseases at an early stage with a preventative lifestyle.

What is rheumatism anyway?

Wrongly, rheumatism is often understood as a single disease. Rheumatism is only one of many forms of a clinical picture that belongs to the autoimmune diseases: According to medical experts, the term rheumatism refers to around one hundred individual diseases of the so-called "rheumatic circle of forms," in which sufferers are affected due to a Malfunction of the immune system attack on the body's own tie occurs. Thereby also Hereditary factors promote a rheumatic disease.

In addition to rheumatoid arthritis also diseases such as Arthrosis, Gout, lupus erythematosus and Fibromyalgia. These subtypes of rheumatism have one thing in common: the inflammatory disease causes sufferers enormous pain that significantly impairs everyday life. In the majority of rheumatism patients, the symptoms of the disease manifest themselves on the locomotor and supporting apparatus, that is, in bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and fasciae. However, in rare cases organs and soft tiesbe affected by rheumatism – for example, there are cases of rheumatic eye inflammation or even inflammation of the heart muscle, kidneys or intestines, which can also be attributed to a rheumatic.

Rheumatism only affects old people anyway – or?

Wrong. Despite increasing clarification through research, the misconception that only older people suffer from rheumatism is still widespread in this country. The subtypes of the inflammatory disease do not know any age limit. can already affect young people. It is striking that about 75 percent of all rheumatism sufferers are women – the reasons for this gender-specific distribution have not yet been clarified, however. The most common rheumatic disease is the rheumatoid arthritis, which, according to current estimates, affects around one percent of the population worldwide. In Germany, according to estimates by the German Society for Rheumatology e.V. In November 2017, around 1.5 million people were affected by an inflammatory rheumatic disease.

By which complaints rheumatism makes itself felt?

The tricky thing about rheumatic diseases is that the symptoms are sometimes misinterpreted for a long time by those affected and by doctors. It can take years for some patients to be diagnosed with rheumatism after several misdiagnoses – an arduous journey of suffering for those affected. The first signs of a rheumatism disease are in a large part of the diseased people stiff joints, mainly in the fingers and legs.

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