Vacation house north sea vacation for two family vacation recreation vacation and relax

A cottage with sauna (can be booked additionally) and all the usual comforts, where you can enjoy uncomplicated luxury and at the same time live very comfortably. – You have various opportunities to relax in quiet surroundings and leave everyday life behind you – away from noise, dirt and light smog. – While you are exploring the untouched nature, you will hardly meet a human being – but peacefully grazing sheep and a diverse animal and plant world. – The healthy stimulating climate on Pellworm ensures that you can breathe in particularly deeply, it invigorates the senses and strengthens the immune system. – If you want to be really pampered, you can enjoy numerous wellness offers in the spa and health center.

Vacations on Pellworm: balm for the soul

Your vacation home at the North Sea is situated in absolute solitude surrounded by wide meadows. It offers a clear view of the horizon during the daytime. In the evening, a clear starry sky. Here you are far from sensory overload. You'll notice how "your system" quickly shuts down and switches to "relaxation mode". Thus a recovery value sets itself noticeably fast.

It also contributes to the fact that you live in the luxury vacation home on the North Sea very convenient and comfortable and immediately feel at home. All rooms are furnished with attention to detail and no wishes remain unfulfilled – whether the modern TV and music system in the living room, the exclusive kitchen equipment or the bright feel-good bathroom.

The two terraces on the east and northwest sides, which you can use depending on the position of the sun, also invite you to relax. No disturbing noise reaches your ears – only the birds and the sound of the sea in the distance can be heard. If the weather doesn't cooperate, you'll find an oasis to warm up and relax in the luxurious Klafs sauna.

Healthy nature, real wellness and culinary highlights

If you want to discover the extensive island, you can easily get around on the well-maintained walking and cycling paths. Whether you're walking along the dike, past green meadows and grazing sheep, birdwatching or strolling along the beach – you won't encounter many people or cars along the way. You can enjoy real peace and pure nature and breathe the fresh pure North Sea air. This is also filled with finely atomized water droplets of sea salt, iodine and trace elements, which is particularly good for your respiratory tract. The stimulating climate at the North Sea also ensures a strong immune system. Contributes to the general feeling of well-being. After plenty of exercise in the fresh air, you can relax in the spa-. Health center Pellworm experience real wellness. Let yourself be pampered with various massages, a warm pack with North Sea silt – also called "healing clay of the sea" -, hot air therapy with red light or other soothing applications. On Pellworm you also have the opportunity to gain even more distance from everyday life with yoga or meditation.

A relaxing North Sea vacation naturally also includes enjoyment. Home-baked delicacies await you in the cozy island cafes. The restaurants of the island have numerous regional specialties on the menu. In the evening, you can end the day in the bar with a cocktail or glass of wine. If you're looking for something a little more traditional, join the locals in one of the rustic pubs for a glass of North German beer or fine rum.

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