Vacation with dog in tuscany disease prevention

Prevention of diseases: Before you go on vacation with your four-legged friend to Italy start, it is best to talk to your Veterinarian preventive measures against the transmission of various diseases in the vacation area by. Your veterinarian knows your dog best. Can give you important tips.

Travel sickness

The most common travel sickness in the Mediterranean countries generally are Leishmaniasis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis and dirofilariosis. All are transmitted by insects, more specifically by sandflies or ticks.

That is why a Tick repellent (preferably a spot-on preparation), applied in time and regularly, indispensable. Because of an evtl. prophylaxis against Dirofilariosis (heartworm disease) get advice from your veterinarian.

During the Dawn mosquitoes are known to be most active, d.h. during this time, it is best to avoid leaving your four-legged friend outside or taking him for a walk. So you can reduce ultimately also for itself "Stechattacken". Also a mosquito net over the dog sleeping place can be very helpful.

When dog for the first time on Sea Is, you should be careful salt water DRINK! This can cause diarrhea. cause vomiting. Although the four-legged friends usually realize relatively quickly that this salty wet is not good for drinking and then let it be themselves. But you can help your dog preventively. Always offering him plenty of fresh drinking water at the seaside. Complete the dog pharmacy at home already with electrolyte powder or similar means against diarrhea and vomiting.

During the months of May to July, when you go for a walk (especially in fields or meadows), you must be on the lookout for the so-called "forasacchi" eighth. These are dry, sticky pointed ears of corn or awns that like to pierce through the animal's fur with their barbs or are inhaled by the dog through the nose. Also the paws. The ears are often affected. A forasacco is extremely difficult to remove by yourself and can lead to severe respiratory diseases in the dog. Therefore, it is advisable to check the dog's coat, paws, nose and ears after walking and, in case of emergency, to consult a veterinarian immediately. Signs of a forasacco can be strong sneezing, vigorous scratching of the ear or biting or. Be licking the paws.

Vacation with dog in tuscany diseases prevention

In case of emergency

Basically you will find In the vicinity of all of us mediated Vacation domiciles in any case always Veterinarian respectively. a Veterinary clinic. Also, most accommodation owners have their own dogs and a trusted veterinarian. They will always help you if necessary. And also you can reach us by phone at any time during your stay in case of communication difficulties.

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