Venereal disease gonorrhea we have a problem the podcast radio

Sexually transmitted gonorrheaThousands of Germans are infected with gonorrhea every year – and the trend is rising. Why is this disease spreading more again? How to effectively protect yourself from it?

Taboo subject gonorrhea

STDs like gonorrhea are a taboo subject for many people. Education about sexually transmitted infections is still important in 2017. Those who are informed about dangers, risks and modes of transmission can quickly recognize the first symptoms. Gonorrhea – also known as gonorrhea – is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It is an extremely contagious bacterial infectious disease that can affect the mucous membranes of urinary and genital organs in both men and women. The bacteria are transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse or through certain sexual practices such as anal or oral sex.

Condoms offer only a moderate protection of possibly 60 percent, especially with gonococci, which means that the risk of infection is not zero. – Norbert Brockmeyer, President of the German Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health

The number of infections is increasing

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 70 million people worldwide are infected with gonorrhea every year. Gonorrhea is now the second most common sexually transmitted disease. Only chlamydia is more common. According to the report, declining condom use, frequently changing sexual partners and undetected infections are the main factors contributing to the further spread of the disease. In Germany, gonorrhea has not been reportable since 2000. According to an estimate by Norbert Brockmeyer, approximately 25.000 infected with this disease in a year.

An infection involves at least three partners, actually usually more. That means we have to inform them, they should get tested or even treated directly. – Norbert Brockmeyer

Immediately to the doctor

According to experts, gonorrhea can be treated well if it is detected in time. The World Health Organization also warns that there is a shortage of antibiotics in this area as well. Accordingly, there is a lack of new tools for treatment and prevention as well as fast and reliable tests. Therefore, according to Norbert Brockmeyer, one should immediately go to the doctor at the slightest suspicion of an STD.

#Gonorrhoea can be prevented through safer sexual behaviour, in particular consistent& correct condom use #safesex

– World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) July 8, 2017

How to recognize the symptoms of gonorrhea and how to effectively protect yourself from it, presenter Carina Fron with Norbert Brockmeyer Maintain. He heads the Center for Sexual Health and Medicine in Bochum and is president of the German Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health.

STD gonorrhea we have a problem the podcast radio

Warns of antibiotic resistance of gonococci.

We have a problem, we need to step up with attention and we desperately need new antibiotics so we can at least reduce the resistance problem via new drugs. Prof. Dr. Norbert H.

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