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DOBERMANN PURCHASE NEW DEFINED With us you get a Doberman as you know it, docked and healthy.

At Verum Dobermanns we specialize in breeding, selling as well as importing healthy full, part or uncoupled Dobermann puppies and trained young dogs. Our Doberman puppies or trained young dogs are convincing because of their appearance, their balanced nature and their excellent genetics.

All our dogs are imported and handed over with an EU pet passport (vaccination card as well as passport), a microchip, a pedigree, the vaccinations against common diseases, the anti-parasitic worming treatments and a health certificate. If the Doberman has been docked, a docking certificate will of course be ied as well.

Of course, all our dogs are socialized in a professional and breed-appropriate manner, so that they are already accustomed to various sounds and situations. This/these are for example, children, bicycles, driving a car, cats, different undergrounds, water and much more.


The most important information at a glance


As the health of our puppies is our highest priority, we would like to draw your attention to the genetic and breed-typical diseases that are known in the Dobermann.


Should your puppy imported through VERUM DOBERMANNS, due to any of the following diseases: Parvovirosis, distemper , hepatitis die during his life, we are 100% liable for all related costs incurred. Furthermore, we will refund the purchase price to them in full.

3. In Germany, according to the law, since 1987, it is allowed to dock the ears. Since 1998 the tail is no longer docked. Exceptions apply only if the docking is of medical necessity or if the dog is used for hunting purposes.


Free nutritional advice when buying a puppy.

NEW! We now have our own BARF calculator, which our customers can use in the customer area at can call. With the BARF calculator you can calculate the daily food amount of your puppy or dog and create a daily food plan.

You have read correctly, with us every customer receives a free nutritional consultation. This means that we inform you in detail in the area of species- and breed-appropriate nutrition or feeding and help you to choose the appropriate feeding method. Our goal is always the balanced as well as biologically kind-fair feeding. This means that we teach them the basics of the so-called BARF diet and thus make it easier for them to get started.

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