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Vocational Gymnasium Health and Social Services – Focus on Ecotrophology

Which degrees can you acquire? Aim of the lessons in the vocational high school health. Social studies with a focus on ecotrophology is the general higher education entrance qualification – the Abitur. The general higher education entrance qualification is achieved by demonstrating certain achievements in the teaching of the 12. and 13. The certificate is awarded after the completion of the third school year and the Abitur examination and entitles the holder to study at universities and universities of applied sciences in all federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany. You can also leave the Berufliches Gymnasium after grade 12, i.e. after two years, and acquire the academic part of the Fachhochschulreife, provided you meet certain performance requirements. In combination with vocational training, one year of federal voluntary service or a subsequent one-year work-related internship, you will then acquire the general entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences. This means that you are entitled to study at a technical college or university.

Duration and structure of the course

The Berufliches Gymnasium Gesundheit und Soziales with a focus on ecotrophology is divided into the one-year introductory phase (11. The first year of secondary school) and the two-year qualification phase (12. and 13. school year). The length of stay in the vocational high school until the Abitur examination is usually three and at most four years. To repeat a failed baccalaureate examination, the maximum time may be exceeded by one year. In cases of hardship for which the student is not responsible, especially in the case of prolonged absence from classes due to illness, the school may allow an extension for one additional year.

In the introductory phase, classes are taught in profile, core and supplementary subjects, which are combined into learning area grades. In the qualification phase, instruction is given in half-year profile, core and supplementary subjects in the course system. At the end of the introductory phase, the class conference decides on the transfer to the qualification phase. Students who have not been promoted to the qualification phase can repeat the introductory phase once. School years 12 and 13 form the qualification phase. There is no transfer in the qualification phase.

What is special about this type of school?

The Berufliches Gymnasium leads you to the Abitur within three years, based on your occupation. You will be optimally prepared for a course of study at a scientific university or for a demanding vocational training program.

Students who are particularly interested in natural, social and nutritional science ies are in the right place at this vocational high school. In the subject of nutrition, advanced technical knowledge and forms of work are taught, on the basis of which nutritional problems can be identified, conscious nutritional behavior can be developed and appropriate decisions can be made. The purpose of the course is to prepare students for university studies and to provide them with the foundations for later training in professions related to the z.B. scientific, medical, or food technology disciplines; and.

Which foreign language is offered as a second foreign language?

All students who have learned a second foreign language in at least four ascending school years by the end of their schooling in secondary level I, thus fulfill their enrollment obligation in the second foreign language and only have to take the first foreign language (English) from grade 11 up to the Abitur (high school diploma). Students who do not meet these requirements must take second foreign language (French for beginners) from grade 11 to grade 13.

vocational high school health social bbs i uelzen

Which examination subjects do I have?

You will be examined in five subjects. The first to fourth examination subjects are written. The fifth examination subject is oral.

Your first examination subject in the specialization of ecotrophology is nutrition.

Your second and third examination subjects are two of the subjects German, English or mathematics.

The fourth and fifth examination subjects are derived from the examination subject combinations specified for vocational high schools. The first three examination subjects are courses at an advanced level (Leistungskurse). The fourth and fifth examination subjects are courses at a basic level (basic courses).

vocational high school health social bbs i uelzen

What are the intake requirements?

Pupils with the extended secondary school leaving certificate I can be admitted to the vocational grammar school for health and social affairs with the focus on ecotrophology. In addition, there is the possibility of transferring from a general secondary school to the introductory phase and thus to the 11th grade. to change to the second class of the vocational high school. It is not possible to transfer from the qualification phase at a general secondary school to the vocational secondary school.

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