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When pollen flies again.. Allergy alert As soon as the temperature rises, it starts: sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose are the order of the day, symptoms familiar to every allergy sufferer. Those who react to hazelnut and alder have already had their first ordeal.

Birch pollen counts really start in March, depending on weather and location. This year we can expect a so-called mast year, because the cold weeks in February and March delayed the flowering time and now all pollen start to fly at the same time.

The tree pollen season hardly ends when the grasses start to bloom in May. Allergy sufferers can be bothered by pollen almost all year round.

What is behind an allergy?

The immune system goes crazy! For what reasons exactly is not so easy to answer. Most often, the cause is multifactorial, a combination of different causes. Triggers can be environmental factors, such as air pollution, chemical cleaning agents or additives in foods. Lifestyle habits, such as stress eating or excessive hygiene, are also possible triggers. Last but not least, heredity is a way to promote allergies. For example, children and even infants have an increased risk of developing allergies if parents were allergic to. The immune system will produce antibodies against allergens only after a symptom-free phase. Only with further contact with the respective trigger, it comes then to a production of defense materials, to the allergic reaction. Excessive production of defensive substances causes the release of the neurotransmitter histamine.

Tips for relief

P olle screens in front of balcony doors and windows protect against at least 85% of flying seeds.

G Leave worn clothes and shoes in the entrance area, definitely outside the bedroom.

W Wash your hair before going to bed if you have been outdoors for an extended period of time.

B flowering plants in the bedroom are a no-no for allergy sufferers.

S before going to bed, rinse the pollen out of the respiratory tract with nasal spray.

N Continue to take your antihistamine even on rainy days.

P lanen you more often a vacation at the sea or in the high mountains, because there are hardly pollen.

E A good pair of sunglasses not only keeps pollen away, but also protects the eyes from light. Eye drops flush out pollen. Provide the eye with moisture.

You should know

In approximately 40 percent of allergy sufferers, a so-called floor change occurs after eight years. This refers to a change in allergens or an increase in symptoms, such as allergic asthma. This process can be prevented by timely and consistent treatment of the allergy according to the doctor's instructions.

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