Absenteeism gymnasium in der glemsaue ditzingen

Here is between excuses due to illness (unpredictable absence). To distinguish leaves of absence from class attendance (scheduled absences).

school attendance regulation:

– "Every student is required to attend classes and other mandatory school events regularly and in an orderly manner, and to abide by the school regulations. In the case of underage pupils, the legal guardians and those entrusted with the upbringing or care of a child must ensure that the pupils comply with these obligations." (§ 1,1) – "If a student is excused for compelling reasons (z. B. If the student is prevented from attending school due to illness, the school must be informed immediately, stating the reason and the expected duration of the absence (obligation to excuse). In the case of underage students, the parent or legal guardian and those entrusted with the upbringing or care of a child are responsible for excusing the student, while students of full age are responsible for themselves. The obligation to excuse must be fulfilled orally, by telephone, electronically or in writing no later than on the second day of the absence. In case of electronic or telephonic notification of the school, the written notification must be submitted within three days." (§ 2,1)

Here is how to proceed:

1. In case of illness

1.1 illness at home

If the student is unable to attend school, the parent or guardian should write a letter of apology still in the morning a mail to Sick [email protected](a phone call is not necessary). Inside three days (see the information sheet "Deadlines in case of prevention"), which you can download here) is, for legal reasons, an written notification signed by the parent or guardian (on paper) to be handed in. The excuse must state the student's name, grade, and expected duration of illness.

Please use the following forms, which you can download here:

– Form if a student in grades 5 – 10 is ill, – Form if a student in the course level is ill.

The excuse must be given by the parent/guardian or, in the case of students who are of age, by the student him/herself. Students should make sure that they are informed by classmates about homework or. be informed of the material covered.

1.2 Illness at school

If a pupil falls ill during the lessons, the parents will be informed by telephone. Until the parents arrive, the student can be cared for by the school first-aid service, if necessary. The pupil receives in the secretary's office a so-called. "Discharge or. Laufzettel". This must be returned along with an excuse within the excuse period.

2. Excuses for physical education

If the student is unable to attend physical education classes for health reasons, a written excuse from the parents (in the case of underage children) and, if necessary, a medical certificate must be submitted at the beginning of the class. Attendance is compulsory, provided that the rest of the lessons are attended, even if the student is unable to participate in the practical exercises.

3. Leave of absence from school attendance can only be granted in exceptional cases. After a written request has been made in good time. This also applies to scheduled doctor's appointments, job interviews, driving tests o.a.! The school attendance regulation regulates these exceptional cases. You can download our application for leave of absence here, fill it out and give it to your child (all grades). Before submitting a request, it is always advisable in individual cases to first consult with the class teacher (exemption up to two days) or. to be discussed with the principal (from three days). Excuses to extend the vacation are generally not possible.

4. Absenteeism Policy in the Upper School

For students of legal age, the same regulations apply as described above. Details are given in the "Procedural Principles for Missing Classes in Grades 1 and 2" read epub. It is also mentioned there that absences that are significantly above the average can be noted in the mid-year reports. Students in the course level, please always use these class absence forms:

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