Acute or chronic pain.

pain is a warning signal of the body – it makes us aware that something is wrong. If we listen in time, we can take appropriate countermeasures. However, pain loses its signal effect if it persists for a long time, recurs again and again, or lasts for a long time without causal treatment being possible – e.g. B. for most head-. Back pain. for most headaches and back pain. A good reason for pain patients to listen to their bodies even better – because they can feel for themselves what helps them and relieves them. Understanding the context of the pain experience is the first step in managing agony.

How and why we perceive pain.

Acute or chronic pain

The body is equipped with pain receptors that generate nerve impulses in response to certain stimuli, such as heat or injury. These impulses are transmitted to the brain. The pain signal is transmitted via the spinal cord to the brain stem, where it causes vegetative reactions such as sweating, nausea, pallor or palpitations. By releasing neurotransmitters, the brain can influence its perception of pain. It is thought that pain-inhibiting substances can block pain signals at spinal cord switching sites.

When pain affects the soul.

Acute or chronic pain

People with chronic pain are under enormous suffering prere. The discomfort leads to limited enjoyment of life, insomnia and, in the worst case, withdrawal from friends and hobbies. They can also cause fear of further aggravation of the disease, as well as depression. A fatal situation, since mental disturbances can release again an intensified pain feeling. Thus, it is important not to let pain become chronic – for example, by ignoring it permanently. Once they are there, it is reasonable to avoid all behaviors and reactions that can maintain or increase them. Important is stress avoidance, sufficient sleep, healthy diet, retreats/breaks, avoidance of alcohol and nicotine, etc. A discussion with the family doctor about problems can also be helpful. It may be. Recommend experts to help psychologically.

Acute or chronic pain?

Acute or chronic pain

People who burn their hand on a hot stove top will pull it back as soon as they feel the pain. The pain after a leg fracture ensures that one will move the leg as little as possible. The pain described occurs acutely and is an important warning because it signals danger or dysfunction. Acute pain usually leads back to a precisely defined cause, which can usually be remedied.

Another type of pain is chronic pain. They have lost their actual warning function. Unfortunately, the causes can often no longer be determined. The pain is difficult to treat or, in the worst case, impossible to eliminate permanently.

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