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Value-added services with relaxation factorTo stay healthy or to recover after an illness, in addition to good medical care, are also Joie de vivre and relaxation important factors. With the value-added services from our holdings, which we can offer you as part of a large group of companies, you always offer your customers an special and healthy extra.

Our colleagues provide for you, for example Wellness travel together, which you can offer to your customers via print and online media. From a cruise to a meditative time-out in a monastery, many things are possible. And because laughter is proverbially healthy, you also have, for example, the possibility of a contingent of Tickets for comedy events or other events through our partners. A booking hotline set up especially for you will then take bookings and inform your customers if they have any questions.

added value health prophylaxis

You can use Health Care support your clients in many ways. You have dedicated helpers in the employees of our partner companies. From their networks they nominate and refer regionally and online medical supply stores, which with discounts and rebates actively support the health prophylaxis of your customers. If you use a cashback program for customer loyalty, your customers can always use the online portal to find service providers close to home.

Safety added value services for cyclists

Being active and moving is a mainstay under the umbrella of health. Maybe your customer is already on Bicycle changed for the way to work or the way to the bakery in the morning. Annoying, if then the often expensive bike is stolen. Here our participations offer, for example, a Bicycle protection to. This service registers the bike with make, model and frame number so that it can be quickly assigned to the owner when found. One attached to the bike customized safety sticker deters potential thieves already in advance. If a stolen bike is found, the finder is asked to contact a service center. The service center then initiates a return to the owner.

Your contact persons for the topic health

added value benefits health german assistance

If you are a policyholder and have questions about your insurance or an ongoing claim, please contact [email protected]. All colleagues mentioned on this website exclusively serve our business partners.

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