Advantages and disadvantages of an infrared cabin my construction

Purchasing an infrared cabin – pros and consRelaxation in our own homes is becoming more and more important to us, accordingly, products and gadgets for this purpose are increasingly appearing on the market. Now quite popular is the infrared cabin. Unlike a sauna, the cabin is electronically powered. Can therefore be set up flexibly as well as used without effort. For health, it has many positive effects on the respiratory system, skin and muscles. But it is not exactly a bargain, which is why the purchase of an infrared cabin wants to be well thought out. What speaks for the acquisition and what speaks against it?

Advantages and disadvantages of an infrared cabin my construction

An infrared cabin is operated electronically. (Photo source: sorocka / clipdealer.en)

Pro: It is good for the health

As a clear plus point for an infrared cabin speaks the extremely positive effect on health. The moderate temperature of 40 to a maximum of 60 degrees has a beneficial effect on many ailments:

– It relieves back and joint pain – It eases tension and sore muscles – It supports the body's defenses against colds – It strengthens the immune system – It helps with various skin problems – It promotes blood circulation

Advantages and disadvantages of an infrared cabin my construction

Infrared has an extremely positive effect on health. (Photo source: fotofritz / clipdealer.en)

Pro: It can be used by the whole family

Unlike the humid heat around 90 degrees that prevails in a sauna and that not everyone always tolerates well, the heat of infrared radiation is dry and therefore very well tolerated. The lower temperatures put much less strain on the circulatory system, which is why people of all ages can enjoy the beneficial effects – even children and seniors. Especially for families, the purchase of an infrared cabin can therefore actually be worth considering.

Pro: It is easy to install

Unlike a sauna, anyone can install an infrared heat cabin in their own home without a craftsman. You only need a power outlet near the place of installation. During operation there is no humidity caused by steam as in a sauna, so the cabin can be placed not only in the bathroom, but also in the bedroom. The construction is quite simple for most models. Takes place according to a modular plug-in system. The cabin also takes up less space than a sauna. For one-man models you can find a place almost in every apartment.

Contra: It can be made of questionable wood

An infrared heat cabin is made of wood – and with this material the question inevitably always arises as to where it comes from. Who can do already in good conscience something positive for the own health, if it is not safe whether for it overexploitation of the forests was committed. With Internet bargains from the Far East, the origin of the material is usually not traceable, sometimes it is even falsified. Certainty that you buy a product whose material comes from environmentally friendly and sustainable production, give only trustworthy certifications such as:

– Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) – Forest Certification Program (PEFC)!

Disadvantage thereby: The purchase with a respectable dealer and/or. Manufacturer is usually more expensive.

Con: It is not suitable with some risk factors

Even if the pleasant dry heat is basically well tolerated, the deep heat produced by the infrared radiation can have negative effects on the body. The use of an infrared cabin is not recommended in the following situations:

– Acute inflammations and infections – High blood prere – Taking medications that affect heat sensation – Fever – Tendency to thrombosis

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also use an infrared cabin only with caution, as it can cause overheating of the body. In addition, the use increases blood circulation, which stimulates milk production.

Conclusion: It must be worthwhile

The infrared cabin is a product that gives your home a great wellness factor in a very uncomplicated way. The positive effect of infrared light has long been known. Can be used in the cabin for the whole body. It is a very good alternative to sauna for elderly people and families with children. This also applies to all those who find the installation of a sauna too complicated and expensive. Nevertheless, an infrared cabin is not something you just buy, since the cabins start at about 600 euros – depending on size and equipment. Therefore, the device should be worth it just like any other, by using it frequently. However, due to its uncomplicated application and cleansing, this is likely to be more common than a sauna. Should you decide to buy an infrared cabin, you should firstly clarify possible risk factors with your doctor and secondly make the purchase from a reputable dealer.

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