Almonds as a fitness snack

Vitamin fitness healthThe almond is a real all-rounder! Even a handful of the nuclei is an optimal energy supplier. A nutritious snack between meals. However, there are a few basic things you should know about tonsils.

Almonds as a fitness snack

Would you have known? Contrary to popular belief, the almond is not a nut, but belongs to the drupe family. Almonds have significantly less fat and calories than nuts, but they can keep up with many of the positive properties of nuts. Thus, they provide a natural source of protein. Contain a lot of fiber as well as unsaturated fatty acids.

Bitter and sweet almonds

Basically, a distinction is made between the bitter and the sweet almond. Bitter almonds are inedible in their raw, untreated state and are toxic because of their high prussic acid content. The sweet almond, on the other hand, has been widely used as a food for thousands of years and makes a significant contribution to a balanced diet rich in vitamins.

Healthy miracle kernels

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Many dietary fibers, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, healthy unsaturated fatty acids and a particularly high protein content make the almond a healthy miracle seed. It provides the body with important ingredients, promotes concentration and is an ideal energy supplier before and after sports. Just 60 grams of almonds a day can have a cholesterol-lowering effect. Prevent diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, for example.

Almond kernels for on the way

Natural almonds are optimal snacks for in between and on the way. Without crumbling, sticking or melting, they fit into a small tin in a handbag or backpack. The cliche that almonds are real calorie bombs is only justified to a limited extent. The stone fruit provides natural oils that are important and indispensable for the body. The consumption of 100 grams of almonds daily in no way leads to weight gain. On the contrary. Almonds have few carbohydrates and can help to keep the weight and at best even reduce it. Because: they satisfy cravings, keep you full for a long time and reduce appetite. The perfect companions thus, in order to lose weight healthily and become slim!

The ideal fitness snack

Whenever we have done a lot of sports or stressed our body, we need to rebuild its energy reserves. We have to do something good for him! Studies show almonds can serve as ideal fitness snack. The fiber, B vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and high protein content make a handful of almonds a nutritious and satisfying snack. 30 grams of almonds contain 15 essential nutrients. Cover about 65 percent of the daily vitamin E requirement . Antioxidants boost muscle growth in particular. The many healthy ingredients can also improve stamina and increase concentration.

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