Aloe vera effect cultivation home remedies to make yourself

Suppliers of aloe vera products promise their healing effect for more than 200 health disorders. The rich substances of aloe vera. Their great effect are for over 5.000 years known.000 years known.

Alexander the Great had aloe vera planted in chariots so that it could be used in his campaigns because of its wound-healing and analgesic properties. Hildegard von Bingen swore especially on the antipyretic effect.

What is Aloe Vera?

With Aloe Vera it concerns a
medicinal plant, It is said to have numerous positive effects on the health of the human body. Their Ingredients act not only stimulates the blood circulation, but also anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.

Already in the Ancient appreciated the gel stored in the leaves of this particular plant. It was used for cosmetic Skin care as well as for the treatment of skin diseases uses. Since about the 12. Aloe vera is known in Germany since the nineteenth century.

Aloe vera: botanical description

Aloe vera, the True aloe, belongs to the genus of grass trees, along with the yellow daylily and the asphodel. However, its appearance is reminiscent of an agave.

The pointed Foliage leaves are arranged around the stem. They can reach a length of 40 to 50 cm. The thick, fleshy leaves are gray-green in color and have sharp spines on the edges. Inside them gel-like plant juice contain, which is used in naturopathy.

The hardly branched inflorescence can reach a height of up to 90 cm reach. yellow flowers grow on it, which develop into elongated clusters.

Origin and culture of aloe vera

The true aloe probably originates from the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. Commercial cultivation in large plantations takes place in the tropical and subtropical climates of the world instead of. It is native to the Mediterranean region, India, Mexico and the Canary Islands. The wild form of the Aloe Vera is under nature protection.

Aloe Vera is also called the "Queen of medicinal plants". It is especially known for applications of skin diseases, but it can do much more. © guy – Adobe Stock

The gel of aloe vera

The Gel of Aloe Vera is used in naturopathy. This is, so to speak, the flesh of the leaf of the Succulent. Succulents are plants that are adapted to particularly dry environmental climates. In order to always be supplied with sufficient water, they store it in different plant organs. The various cacti also belong to this group.

With the Aloe Vera finds the Water storage in the long leaves instead of. The so-called gel is colorless and liquid, as it consists largely of water.

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls the gel from a freshly cut leaf the most effective remedy. During further processing, the valuable ingredients can be destroyed.

Aloe Vera Ingredients

The beneficial ingredients are stored in the gel of aloe vera. In addition to a large proportion of water (up to 99%), it also contains about 200 active ingredients, including:

– Mucopolysaccharides (acemannan) – Amino acids – Enzymes (u. a. phosphatase, amylase, peroxidase) – minerals (u. a. iron, calcium, zinc) – vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E and A) – secondary plant compounds (lignins, sterols, anthraglycosides, saponins, salicylic acid, tannins)

Aloe Vera ingredient mucopolysaccharides (acemannan)

The sugar molecule acemannan is considered the most important ingredient of aloe vera. This high-quality carbohydrate is formed in the human body only until puberty. After that it can only be absorbed through food.

acemannan is water is stored in the wall (membrane) of the. The substance works immune-boosting against viruses, bacteria and fungi by activating phagocytes (macrophages) and promoting the production of an anti-inflammatory signal substance (interleukin 1).

Other aloe vera ingredients

So that the metabolism can run smoothly, is Amino acids needed. These can not be produced independently, but must be ingested with food. The amino acidProline is involved, for example, in the formation of connective tie of the skin. Glutamic acid ensures the metabolism of the brain.

At Enzymes are so-called biocatalysts, which can trigger, inhibit or accelerate chemical reactions in the body. This includes for example the digestion.

Vitamins and minerals help to maintain the vital functions of our body. Especially the B vitamins fulfill versatile tasks, such as ensuring the energy balance, the running of detoxification processes or the formation of bones.

Secondary plant substances have additional effect for the aloe vera. They serve for example the stability (lignin) or the defense against predators (tannins). humans benefit from the anti-inflammatory. antibacterial effect of essential oils.

Salicylic acid is also contained in the drug aspirin. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Sterols have antiseptic effect. The anthraglycoside Aloin is found only in the leaf peel. It has a strong laxative effect.

Effect of Aloe Vera

Since the turn of the millennium, the market has been flooded with aloe vera products. The today's degree of popularity owes the medicinal plant mainly to the advertising promises of the beauty and wellness industry. In addition to the health-promoting effect, the plant is said to have positive effects for skin and hair.

The gel of Aloe Vera acts:

– anti-inflammatory – antiviral – antifungal – antibacterial – wound healing – immunostrengthening – moisturizing – cooling – purgative

Aloe vera gel helps with minor burns, sunburn or minor wounds. It relieves pain, calms inflammations and has a mild antibiotic effect. Also with acne, psoriasis and neurodermatitis the gel is to support the treatment. In creams and body lotions the juice of the plant is helpful, because the contained polysaccharides donate the skin humidity and care.

Aloe vera effect cultivation home remedies to make yourself

As with all healing substances, the aloe vera Side effects known. These include allergic reactions, as dermatitis, itching or burning on the skin. However, it is not yet researched which ingredients can lead to allergies.

The substances contained in the leaf peel of the Aloe Vera Aloin is known for its laxative effect known. This bitter tannin serves the plant as protection against predators. For humans, too high a dose of aloin can cause, in addition to the strong digestive effect also a carcinogenic Effect have.

In addition, side effects such as panic attacks or severe blood prere fluctuations are documented. Possibly, an overdose can cause pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas and kidney failure.

Aloe vera in medicine& Naturopathy

In the Naturopathy, but also in the Orthodox medicine one makes oneself the versatile contents materials of the Aloe Vera use.

In the Homeopathy aloe vera is used to help exhausted and dissatisfied people. Also inflammation of the stomach or intestinal mucosa. Diarrhea with flatulence can be successfully treated. The flower essence pursues similar goals.

Aloe vera effect cultivation home remedies to do yourself

External use of aloe vera

In the best case, the viscous gel is applied directly to the skin freshly extracted from the leaf and applied to the skin. In this way it can achieve the best effect. It should be emphasized that antibacterial and cooling effect for burns, sunburn and insect bites. Also in the Cosmetic industry swears by everyday products, such as skin and face creams with aloe vera active ingredients.

Aloe vera is used externally for:

– sunburn – insect bites – eczema – neurodermatitis – psoriasis – small wounds – burns – skin fungi

A well-known and popular effect has the medicinal plant for insect bites. If the gel is applied directly to the sting, soothes this the Itch. The cooling, anti-inflammatory effect is used in the naturopathic therapy of sunburn. Similarly, aloe vera can supplement or replace the use of cortisone in inflammatory skin diseases.

Aloe Vera for wound healing

The Effect of aloe vera in wound healing has already been scientifically proven. It has been studied on the basis of burn wounds. It turned out that healing can be significantly supported with local, systematic application of an aloe vera gel.

Aloe Vera for radiation damage

The anti-inflammatory effect aloe vera is also used in the treatment of radiation damage, such as that caused by cancer treatment. often develops dermatitis, an inflammatory reaction on the skin. This can be alleviated by the external application of aloe vera gel.

Internal use of aloe vera

For internal use aloe vera is used in the form of capsules, powder or a drinking cure taken. The latter is characterized by a significantly higher nutrient content. When buying should in any case high-quality ingredients be taken into account. The active ingredient aloin, which has a laxative effect, should be avoided.

The intake of aloe vera must over a longer period of time should be taken with a slow increase of the dose. In this way the best results are obtained.

Internal application of aloe vera in case of:

– constipation – arthritis – gout – allergies

Aloe vera for constipation

Aloe Vera contains the Ingredient Aloin. This provides bitter taste of the gel contained in the leaves. For the plant it acts as a protection against predators. Man is his laxative effect known.

Until it turned out that this substance harmful to health and Possibly carcinogenic it has been used as a laxative. Today it is advised against it, since a strong irritation of the mucous membrane of the intestine up to poisoning symptoms can develop.

Nevertheless, for certain diseases, such as hemorrhoids or after operations, the application of aloin can be. In any case, this should be done in consultation with the attending physician.

Therapy of diabetes by aloe vera

The positive effect of aloe vera on Diabetes type 2 is clinically confirmed. In this form of diabetes, either too little insulin is produced or the body is unable to process this messenger substance properly.

Insulin is responsible for the release of blood sugar into the cells. There it is used for energy production. If this mechanism does not function properly, then the blood sugar level rises too much, which drastic physical effects can have.

Aloe vera can help to alleviate these symptoms. The ingredients of the medicinal plant are able to reduce the regulate blood sugar levels. At the same time the Health of the organs, especially the kidneys and intestines ensures.

Application of Aloe Vera in natural cosmetics

Aloe vera is also used in natural cosmetics or as an ingredient in lifestyle products. Creams with aloe vera active ingredients for skin care for wrinkles or acne have anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and cooling effect in summer. Applied to damp hair, aloe gel tames unruly curls.

The Gel of the aloe vera plant soothes skin impurities and has a supporting effect in the treatment of wounds and sunburns. It can also reduce the itching of insect bites.

Processed into juice, the gel is used as a dietary supplement. It is attributed detoxifying, digestive effect. It helps to build up the intestinal flora, as well as oral hygiene.

Aloe vera effect cultivation home remedies to make yourself

Buying tips for aloe vera products

In Germany many aloe vera products rightly not approved as medicines. Reason is on the one hand the complex extraction of the contents materials and on the other hand the exaggeration with the medical promises, which partly lack scientific basis. Many products are instead sold as dietary supplements.

Stiftung Warentest advises to pay attention to quality when purchasing aloe vera products for oral use: "For controlled raw material and processing vouch for the organic seal and the marks of Neuform or IASC (International Aloe Science Council)."With cosmetics, the application time is important: shower gel or shampoo have no effect because they are too short on the skin.


Juices and concentrates from the aloe vera plant are mostly made from the gel. For this purpose it must be used by means of a technological process filtered become. This avoids the laxative effect.

Stiftung Warentest also points out that aloe vera juice is often used as a food supplement because it oxidizes more quickly more preservatives contains more than normal juices. Alternative can be pasteurized juices be resorted to. Moreover, the juices offer nothing nutritionally that cannot be just as well absorbed through fruits and vegetables.

Aloe vera juices and concentrates

The color of aloe vera juice is similar to the light yellow of fresh grapefruit juice. Taste it is very intensively. If it tastes very sweet, from artificial added sugar to go out. If the liquid is very viscous, this is not evidence of special naturalness, but the addition of thickening agents, about xanthan gum. Normally the juices are liquid.

For an optimal health effect the purchase of direct juices instead of concentrates advised. So much heat must be applied in the production of a concentrate that the valuable ingredients are lost.

It is also worth looking at the label. In the first place of the ingredients should be the aloe vera plant. The designation "100% Aloe Vera" is not legally protected. Therefore, does not really ensure the health-promoting effect of the juice.

Processing of the products

Some Aloe vera products become from the whole plant produced. This is reminiscent of fruits and vegetables, which should also be eaten including the peel. In the case of the medicinal plant, however, this method has proven to be harmful to health exposed. Despite an elaborate filtering process, side effects such as digestive problems and abdominal pain may result.

Therefore "Whole Leaf" products should be avoided be. Peeling the aloe vera leaves is also important when growing at home!

Grow your own aloe vera at home

The trade holds ready various finished products of skin care products up to Aloe juice. These products are convenient to use. However, you can also make use of the positive effects of aloe vera quite simply yourself. Small plantlets of aloe vera are available in hardware stores and nurseries.

The medicinal plant originates from the desert regions of Africa and therefore requires warm, very sunny locations. Indoors, it must be a place in the winter garden or at a window with strong sunlight.

If the aloe vera is cultivated in the garden, it must be stored in winter in any case protected from frost are. Temperatures should not fall below 15 °C. During the cold season it is enough to water the plant every four to six weeks.

The Substrate may well be nutrient-rich andmineral its. However, too frequent watering leads to rotten leaves. As the plant normally grows in pots in our latitudes, it should be harvested regularly at intervals of two to four years repotted are. As soil is available in the hardware store Succulent soil at.

Aloe vera is not only easy to care for but also simple to use. It can be used, for example, as a first aid for small wounds. But also tired eyes, internal applications and much more this medicinal plant can combat. © adobe – cloudberry77

Aloe Vera Harvest

Once the plant is large enough – depending on the age at purchase after two to five years – individual leaves can be cut off and the Gel of aloe vera harvested become. Patience is also necessary because it takes some time for the active ingredients of the medicinal plant to mature and become effective… ' more.

In hardware stores and nurseries, however, are also already fully grown plants available, which are immediately ready for harvesting. For this Cut off leaves with the largest circumference with a knife near the base.

After washing, place the harvested parts of the plant vertically in a jar. First the bitter aloin-containing plant juice escapes. For naturopathic use, only the clear, colorless pith should be used. Freshly harvested leaves can be stored in the refrigerator for some time.

You can use aloe vera as "First aid plant" for burns and minor wounds Place in a flower pot in your home. If necessary, simply cut a slice from a leaf of the plant. Apply the leaf gel directly to inflamed or sore skin areas.

Home remedies with aloe vera: recipes to make yourself

If you have harvested some aloe vera gel, it can be stored in a disinfected container Stored in the refrigerator for a few days become. Alternatively, preservation with high-proof alcohol is possible.

The gel can be used in many ways in naturopathy as well as in cosmetics!

Aloe Vera recipes for body& Mind

Aloe Vera is a precious natural product with numerous application possibilities, which can also be prepared very easily by yourself. Listed below are some DIY recipes using a variety of aloe vera forms:

Aloe vera ice cubes against tired eyes

The cooling effect of aloe vera can be enhanced in the form of an ice cube and used to relieve tired, puffy eyes.

– Mix 15 ml of aloe vera juice with 150 ml of distilled water – Pour into an ice cube container and refrigerate – Circle the eyes with the cubes for about 2 minutes

Soothing pack for sunburn

Aloe vera also proves beneficial for sunburn.

– Peel and strain an aloe vera leaf – Mix the gel with a large tablespoon of edible curd – Apply to the affected, reddened skin areas – Leave on for about 20 minutes

Immune-strengthening aloe cure

To strengthen the immune system, the following preparation is helpful, which can be stored in a dark container for at least a year.

– Mix 300 g of fresh aloe vera gel with 500 g of liquid honey – Add 4 tablespoons of sugar cane brandy – Take 2 cl of the liquid a quarter of an hour before meals every day for three weeks

Clarifying peeling with aloe vera and sea salt

The anti-inflammatory active ingredients of aloe vera ensure a clear complexion.

– Mix 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel with 1 teaspoon of sea salt – Add 6 drops of jojoba oil – Apply to the face in circular motions, leave on for a short time – Rinse off with warm water

Aloe vera hair treatment for supple, shiny hair

If you have dry, straw-like hair, you can take advantage of the moisturizing effect of aloe vera.

– Mix 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil – Massage the mixture into damp hair – Leave in for 30 to 60 minutes – Can also be used as a leave-in conditioner overnight – Rinse the next day with lukewarm water

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