Application gesundheits und krankenpflegerin anschreiben muster vorlage

Application health care nurse, cover letter sample, templateYou can find here the application Sample as health and medical nurse or. the nursing specialist or the nursing specialist, which you can download for free. The template or. the example for the application letter you receive for Word. More information about strengths, apply in your own house as well as a second training.

Application health and nurse cover letter sample template

Download application as a health and nursing professional

Here you can Cover letter or. cover letter for Application as a health care and nursing assistant respectively. for the newly regulated profession the nursing specialist resp. the health care nurse free download.

The text for the application as a health care worker and nurse by example

Application for a job as a health care and nursing professional

as I have taken from your interesting job advertisement, you are looking for a registered nurse with a strong ability to work in a team, stress resistant and empathy towards patients. These are exactly the skills I bring with me. In June I completed my training as a health-. Nurse in in successfully completed. I have always performed my tasks with great care and reliability. During my employment I was assigned to surgery, especially septic surgery, urology, gynecology and internal medicine. My other activities included keeping patient records, caring for patients and handling other correspondence on the ward .

In addition, I possess, among other things, sociability and friendliness towards those around me, a strong interest in continuing education in the field of health care, organizational skills, and a strong ability to withstand stress.

I would be very pleased about an invitation to an interview.

Apply in your own house

Should you apply for a position in your own company, this is called an internal application. Here, you should clearly state your motivation for the new position in the first paragraph. Often it is a further development in the own house or the amption of new tasks. Thus, further education in the profession often leads to a change of position. The internal application has the advantage that only your own employees apply for the job and you therefore have fewer competitors as competition.

Second education and possible reasons

You already have a first education? Then you need to make clear in the cover letter why you want a second training to the health and nurse want to complete. Think carefully about the reasons for a new and/or. second training in the health care sector. Possible reasons are z. B.:

– The old profession can no longer be practiced. – They want to work more with people instead of machines. – You wanted to train in the healthcare sector in the past, but did not get a place at that time.

In the second training continues to play the age a role. Over 50 years it is certainly more difficult to get a place for the training again. Generally speaking, however, there is a gaping hole of skilled workers in the healthcare industry. Therefore, if it is your desire, you should definitely try to get training.

The application as a health and nursing professional full-time, part-time or. as a mini-job

At present, the specialists, especially also health and nurses are in great demand. This leads to the fact that the hospitals or other care services are quite willing to respond to the applicants. Therefore, the carriers also offer the possibility to work full-time, part-time or even in a mini-job. In general, most employers in the field of health care, of course, want full-time employment, so they can use you best. Usually, in the subject line, you already specify the scope of employment as full-time or part-time or. as a mini-job. You should also justify why you work part-time or even mini-job. want to work in the form of a mini-job. At the latest in the interview you should have an answer to this question.

The strengths in the cover letter

A Health care and nursing assistant or a nurse or. a nursing specialist should have Strengths Decree:

– The empathy as well as the resilience or also the awareness to take responsibility. – The patience and flexibility in terms of time flexibility, because of shift work and night duty and the on-call service. The ability to deal with conflict. Making the right decisions. Furthermore, the ability to communicate. The right way to deal with stress. Last but not least, diligence. The ability to separate yourself emotionally. Learn your strengths here. Weaknesses to analyze. In addition, you will receive a list.

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