Astromedicine and phases of the moon

Astromedicine and phases of the moonScientifically speaking, the full moon has little influence on us human beings – allegedly! Realistically, it has been known for thousands of years that certain phases of the moon affect us to a greater or lesser extent

astromedicine and lunar phases

That the moon exerts an influence not only on the tides but also on all life on this earth has been known not only since humans set foot on it. The same is true for the stars, and in Hippocrates we find the instruction to keep the scalpel away from that part of the body that is touched by the sign that the moon is passing through. Our ancestors were familiar with the peculiarities of nature. Much more familiar with the universe than we are. But at that time, neither smog nor other toxins clouded the clear view of the firmament, plants and people were not genetically manipulated and natural growth was reduced to absurdity.

Even in our highly technical times, really good doctors take a look at the date of birth of their patients in case of diffuse diseases in order to familiarize themselves with the peculiarities and above all the physical susceptibilities of the zodiac sign under which the patient is standing, in order to perhaps thereby gain better information and insight into possible diseases.

What is still taken for granted by primitive peoples today, our modern orthodox medicine has partly put into the corner of "esoteric spinning": namely the ancient knowledge about the influences of the moon on our health. Even beyond the Middle Ages, doctors took into account the influence and status of the moon in diagnostics and therapy. It is only since modern medicine, with all its faith in apparatus, has gained ever greater influence at universities that the findings of astromedicine have been jettisoned, or rather. those who use this medical approach are more or less smiled at, if not dismissed as cranks.

Because we had to recognize however in the last years that also most modern diagnosis and apparatus medicine has its borders, one recollected and recalls again those realizations, which were natural for our forefathers. This is proven not least by the great success of those books which have moon phases and astromedicine as their theme.

The basic properties and effects of the phases of the moon in relation to health and medicines

Operations should never be performed in a month in which the moon is in the zodiac sign that rules the part of the body to be operated on.

Likewise, no surgery should be performed during the lunar change.

Which sign of the zodiac rules which part of the body?

Signs of the zodiac that appear in the period between the 21. December. Dem 21. June lie, possess an ascending force. They are marked in the table above; this arrow pointing upwards symbolizes the ascending forces up to the harvest time. The signs of the zodiac, which are in the second half of the year, are marked with ; this downward pointing arrow signals the planting time. Gemini and Sagittarius lie at the turning points of these forces, carry both forces in themselves.

Each sign of the zodiac is associated with a particular element, and this in turn with a particular bodily function.

Assignment of element, zodiac sign and body function

Assignment of element, food quality and plant part

Lunar rhythms and health

Full Moon People suffering from nervousness and hysteria are particularly susceptible at this time to. Children are born especially on full moon days. Medicinal herbs collected on this day are particularly effective.

New moon diet on these days is especially promising because of the high detoxification readiness of the body, vices should be given up on new moon days.

Increasing moon time to feed the body, to strengthen it.

Waning Moon Healing is faster than usual, tests/schoolwork go more favorably, even with increased appetite one does not gain weight or only a little during this time. Time for surgery – if you can plan it!

Lunar change No operations should be performed during a lunar change, as the success of the same is in question.

New moon to full moon Soothing medications have little response during this time. Stimulating drugs respond well during this period.

Moon in conjunction with Saturn means that the disease, which takes its beginning in this time, will be of long duration. This applies in principle to all diseases caused by the Moon, while those caused by the Sun are mostly chronic.

Not only since books about the manifold effectiveness of the moon became bestsellers, one knows about the influence of the moon on our hair. In former times hairdressers knew these rules by experience, today one must go very far or pay very dearly for this knowledge. Thereby the rules for a splendor hairdo are quite simple, even if not completely uniformly. Just try it.

The influence of the moon's position on your hair

If this table seems too complicated for you, you can follow a proven rule of thumb: Leo and Virgo days are especially suitable for men to cut their hair. Quite ideal the hairdresser's visit will turn out, if to the ideal moon sign the moon also increases.

Dr. Edward Bach also assigned his Bach flowers to certain signs of the zodiac:

Zodiac signs and Bach flowers

Who medicinal herbs If you would like to collect, you should absolutely follow the lunar calendar. In the chapter Naturopathy is reported in detail about the right time.

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