B. Care for sick and handicapped people

MinistryHere you will find information on the structure and tasks of the Thuringian Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family Affairs.

Home management

B. caring for sick and disabled people

B. caring for sick and disabled people


B. caring for sick and disabled people


Central Department

This department is responsible for the "framework conditions so that the work of the Thuringian Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family "functions". Like any other government agency or even like businesses in the free economy, this department also needs organizational units that handle personnel, budgetary or internal service matters. The Central Division consists of the following units:

– Unit 11 "Personnel" – Unit 12 "Organization, Legal Affairs, Information Technology" /"ESF Audit Authority – Department 13 "Budget, Audit" – Department 14 "Internal Service" – Department 15 "EU Affairs, Data Protection"

Social Affairs, Women and Family

The Social Department of the Ministry deals in particular with the ies of the elderly, disabled and people in need of care. The department helps people in difficult social situations to overcome their problems. In addition, there is the coordination of ies in the various areas of social security. The department consists of the following units:

– Unit 21 "Women's policy and basic social policy ies" – Unit 22 "Social assistance, social compensation law" – Unit 23 "Disability policy"/"Contact and advice center of the Foundation for Recognition and Assistance – Unit 24 "Care Policy" – Unit 25 "Family and Senior Citizens Policy" – Unit 26 "Basic Strategic Ies, Livelihood Security

Work and qualification

The "Labor Market and Qualification" department is primarily responsible for ies relating to labor market and vocational training policy, training and continuing education as well as securing skilled workers and basic security for job seekers in Thuringia. This includes the coordination and management of the ministry's labor market and vocational training support programs, which are financed by money from the state budget and the European Social Fund. In addition, it handles matters relating to legal relations between employers and employees and maintains the tariff register. The department consists of the following units:

– Unit 31 "Labor Market and Vocational Training Policy, Securing Skilled Workers, Labor and Collective Bargaining Law" – Unit 32 "Labor Market and Vocational Training Promotion, ESF" – Unit 33 "Basic Security for Job Seekers (SGB II)" /"Certifying Authority ESF" – Unit 34 "Managing Authority ESF


The Health Department deals with basic matters of health policy, ies of pharmacy and social insurance. In addition, the development. Regular updating of the hospital plan another task. Further responsibilities exist for the coordination of the public health service, psychiatric care, the planning of measures and projects in the field of addiction prevention and addiction support as well as for fundamental questions of health promotion and prevention. The department consists of the following units:

– Unit 41 "Basic Medical Ies, Medical Professions and Legal Affairs Pharmacy" – Unit 42 "Social Insurance, State Examination Service Social Insurance" – Unit 43 "Hospitals, Civil and Disaster Protection" – Unit 44 "Public Health Service, Infection Protection, Environmental Health Protection" – Unit 45 "Psychiatric Care, Correctional Services" – Unit 46 "Health Promotion, Health Reporting, Addiction Support" – Unit 47 "Legislation, Legal Affairs, International Cooperation" – Unit 48 "Pharmacy, Pharmacies" – Unit 48 "Pharmacies, Pharmacies" – Unit 48 "Pharmacy, Pharmacies" – Unit 48 "Pharmacy, Pharmacies" – Unit 48 "Pharmacy, Pharmacies"

Occupational safety, food and veterinary monitoring

This department coordinates all tasks from the veterinary sector, i.e. u.a. Public veterinary ies, prevention and control of animal diseases, animal welfare ies and veterinary medicines monitoring. In addition, the official monitoring of the trade in foodstuffs, cosmetics, tobacco products and consumer goods, as well as food hygiene and meat hygiene, is a central field of work. Another area of responsibility is the safety and health protection of employees at work, i.e. prevention of occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related illnesses. The department consists of the following units:

– Unit 51 "Protection against epizootic diseases, animal health, rendering" – Unit 52 "Animal protection, veterinary drugs, professional matters" – Unit 53 "Food monitoring" – Unit 54 "Occupational health and safety

B. care for sick and disabled people

The Thuringian State Office for Consumer Protection (TLV) is a subordinate authority of the TMASGFF. As the upper state authority, the TLV is responsible for all essential areas and competencies of health and technical consumer protection in Thuringia.


Currently there are no vacancies.

Please apply only for advertised positions. Unsolicited applications will not be considered (also for data protection reasons). Will be destroyed – unless a sufficiently stamped return envelope is enclosed – in accordance with data protection regulations.

In addition, please also note the general information on our job advertisements.


In 2019, the Thuringian Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family Affairs was awarded the TOTAL E-QUALITY rating for the fourth time (for the first time with the additional rating Add-On Diversity). The application was evaluated by an independent jury of the association TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V. checked.

The award is given to organizations/companies/institutions with at least 15 employees for a period of three years that pursue an exemplary human resources policy oriented toward equal opportunities and focusing on their employees. In the case of public administration facilities, voluntary activities that go beyond the measures required by law are mainly included in the assessment.

Competitions and honors

B. caring for sick and disabled people

B. caring for sick and disabled people

B. caring for sick and disabled people

B. care for sick and disabled people

Thuringian Rose

The "Thuringian Rose" is awarded to people who unselfishly and in a particularly committed way support others. The award commemorates Elisabeth of Thuringia, who is known as Saint Elisabeth. Her self-sacrificing devotion to the poor and sick is still a symbol of selflessly doing good without claiming public recognition, often even unnoticed by the general public.

Notes on the proposal process:

All persons can be suggested, who accomplish social work in Thuringia honorary, z. B. care for sick and disabled people, are active in self-help groups or other social organizations.

The proposal must be submitted in writing by 31.03. of a year in the

Thuringian Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family Department State and Federal Coordination, Public Relations, Strategic Planning P.O. Box 90 03 54 99106 Erfurt

B. caring for sick and disabled people

Apart from a meaningful reason the exact address of the suggested personality is to be attached to the award suggestion. Private individuals and all organizations active in Thuringia in the social sector are eligible to apply, z. B. the Caritas, the Diakonie, the German Red Cross, the Arbeiterwohlfahrt and the Volkssolidaritat or institutions such as z. B. the tariff partners, municipalities and counties.

From the submitted suggestions twelve persons are selected by a jury, who will be honored by the Minister of Social Affairs Heike Werner on July 7. The award will be presented at the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach on the birthday of St. Elisabeth on 1 July.

Thuringian Animal Welfare Award

The Thuringian Animal Welfare Prize is awarded annually for outstanding achievements in the care of stray animals and animals in distress, in the creation of animal shelters and in the promotion of better treatment of animals, including the communication of the concept of animal welfare to children and young people. In addition, the Animal Welfare Award is intended to honor exemplary initiatives for the species-appropriate husbandry of farm animals.

All Thuringians, as well as associations and clubs, are called upon to propose exemplary initiatives known to them in the above-mentioned areas. Many people in Thuringia are involved in altruistic activities. With a great passion for animal welfare. We would like to honor this commitment again this year with the award of the Thuringian Animal Welfare Prize and make it publicly visible.

Proposals for the Thuringian Animal Welfare Award 2022 are to be submitted with a short description of the activity or project including a statement of reasons by 30. June 2022 to the

Thuringian Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family Affairs

Werner-Seelenbinder-Strasse 6

99096 Erfurt

with the note "Thuringia Animal Welfare Award" to address.

B. care for sick and disabled people

The Thuringian Animal Welfare Award is being presented this year for the 28th time. Times advertised. The suggestions sent in are examined and evaluated by the Thuringian animal protection adviser. It submits a proposal to the ministry responsible for animal protection for the selection of the award winners. Up to three winners in the area of charitable animal protection, the species-appropriate keeping of farm animals and the establishment of alternatives to animal experiments will be awarded. The prices are in the respective area with altogether 3.000 euros in prize money.

The award ceremony will take place on the occasion of World Animal Protection Day in the fall of this year. The exact place and date of the award ceremony will be announced in due time.

Thuringian work protection price "Johannes Bube

The Thuringian Occupational Health and Safety Award is presented every two years to Thuringian companies and institutions that have made a significant contribution to the occupational health and safety of their employees with innovative ideas and solutions.

A jury of six will select the winners for the award from the submitted proposals. The award-winning solutions are to be made known to a broad public in order to serve as role models for modern occupational health and safety.

Occupational Safety Award 2022

Application deadline for the withmaximum 10.000 euros(subject to budget negotiations) endowed occupational health and safety award is the 25. April 2022. Details and application materials can be found at https://verbraucherschutz.thueringen.en/thueringen-work-protection-award.

B. caring for sick and disabled people

The Thuringian Occupational Safety Award is named after Johannes Bube (1687-1747), a physician from Gotha and a pioneer of occupational medicine. Bube had studied the connection between working conditions, living conditions and the state of health of workers in the Seeberg sandstone quarries.

You can find more information about the occupational health and safety award on the website of the State Office for Consumer Protection.

State prize for exemplary commitment to people with disabilities and for the introduction of outstanding company integration management

The State Prize for Exemplary Commitment to People with Disabilities and for the Introduction of Outstanding Corporate Integration Management is awarded to companies and institutions that are particularly committed to recruiting, training and employing severely disabled people in the general labor market and have demonstrated outstanding corporate integration management.

The state prize is awarded every two years. The awards are offered to public and private employers subject to mandatory employment as well as to small businesses that are not subject to mandatory employment and are each endowed with 10.000 from funds of the compensation levy. The compensatory levy is a financial contribution that must be paid by companies or authorities with more than 20 employees if they do not employ a certain number of severely disabled people. It is administered by the Integration Office.

Application procedure

Your written application will be received by the Thuringian State Administration Office (TLVwA) – Integration Office. Employers/applicants then receive an application form. An information sheet on the other requirements for the award. Any employer can apply to the Integration Office's call for applications, provided they meet the mandatory quota for employing severely disabled people.

The participants in the competition will be inspected and audited by the Integration Office with regard to the activities and documentation of occupational integration management. The results of the audit are then discussed by the Advisory Committee at the Integration Office and a vote is cast for the award winners. In addition to representatives of employees and employers, this committee also includes representatives of organizations of people with disabilities as well as a representative of the state and the Federal Employment Agency.

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