Baby hiccups

For us, hiccups are just annoying, but that's all they are. But what about babies – can the hiccups be dangerous for them?? First of all, to reare you: No for babies it is not dangerous or even harmful.

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Why do babies have hiccups?

But where do these hiccups come from, because in the first months of life your babies will suffer from them more often. Most often occurs after breastfeeding or drinking, when the baby inhales, but the epiglottis closes at the same time. Then the inhaled air bounces against the resistance and so the hiccup is created. By the way, this reflex prevents the baby from getting breast milk into the lungs. So the hiccups are merely a protective mechanism.

The hiccup as a protective mechanism from the womb

Your baby developed this protective mechanism in the womb, but it was more of a breathing training than a defense mechanism. Already from the 9. In the first week of pregnancy, some babies start exercising, that is, the diaphragm, rib and neck muscles are contracted and the lungs are expanded. But don't worry, the unborn baby will not choke on the amniotic fluid, because the larynx is closed.

Are baby hiccups dangerous?? Hiccups are usually completely harmless. Usually disappears by itself.

When should you go to the doctor for hiccups?

You should only go to the doctor if the hiccups are particularly frequent and severe. Often the acidic gastric juice (reflux) flowing back in the stomach is responsible for this or occurs as a side effect of a drug. In the very rarest cases, infections or threatening illnesses are the cause of hiccups in babies. If your baby hiccups for 3 hours or more, spits up blood or coughs, or suffers from abdominal pain, you should see a doctor immediately.

What helps against hiccups in babies?

Even if the hiccups do not cause any damage, there are some tips to prevent them:

– Burp: This will get the "excess" air out – Let them drink: Either give your baby a sip of milk, or if he or she is a few months older, feel free to give him or her a sip of water – Baby massage: Massaging your baby will make his or her breathing calmer, more relaxed, and more consistent. This relaxes the diaphragm – Warmth: Simply place a warmed cherry pit cushion on your child's chest. But be careful, the pillow must not be too hot – Blow into the face: gently blowing into the face changes the breathing rhythm and relaxes the diaphragm

Hiccups in babies in the womb

You are pregnant and sometimes there are twitches and knocks in your abdomen? The reason may be that your unborn baby has hiccups. Hiccups can occur as early as 9 weeks of age. Start SSW. Hiccups can help your baby learn how to monitor breathing muscles. Your little darling is already practicing controlling the diaphragm so that it expands and contracts. The closer you get to the due date, the more often your baby may hiccup.

We wish your baby all the best!

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