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We hope. Build . – Lockdown to 7. March 2021 extended – Fitness action 2021 – For only 39,90€ sauna courses fitness!

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– Fitness action 2021 – For only 39,90€ sauna courses fitness!

Here is all the important information on the current Covid situation.

The sports center is not only focused on "muscle building and fitness" laid. We are dedicated to health and performance improvement and would like to help adults regain their confidence in everyday life and alleviate their back, joint and muscle ailments. From the head to the little toe, we can provide any type of training. Whether endurance, cardiovascular, coordination training or back exercise, everyone gets their money's worth with us.

Also offered: Exercise prevention, personal coaching and p hysio- and occupational therapy services. Outpatient rehabilitation sports are offered by our partner, the Gesundheitssport.-Leipzig e.V., carried out in our house. Another focus of our company is the creation of health concepts for companies, clubs and health insurance companies.

Since the end of 2012 a new therapy pool is at your disposal, because water is the origin of all life. Therefore, perhaps since early childhood we have the desire to return to it again and again. In water man is in his element. From an early age you fulfill your children. To give yourself this desire for movement in the water.

We want to help babies get a good start in life, introduce them to the medium of water and then later teach them to swim. For adults, exercise in the water is a very joint-friendly and effective workout. Afterwards you go to our sauna and the new relaxation room with access to the garden, thus perfectly rounding off the time you take for your health and relaxation.

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