Bachelor distance learning medical fitness athletic management study alongside your job

Distance learning with face-to-face seminars and online study with live online seminars at selected study and examination centers of DIPLOMA University of Applied Sciences.

Tuition fees
227,- EUR / month, 10.199 ,- EUR total* * incl. Examination fee (665,- EUR) *With the waiver of the mailing of printed study materials, a reduced tuition fee is granted for this study program. The monthly regular study fee is reduced in this case by 10 euros.

Elective areas
Service management and business start-up Stress regulation and relaxation Occupational health management

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) The degree also allows the continuation of a Master's degree at German and international universities.

Accredited by the AHPGS

Further information, study plans or reading samples can be found here.

Tutor FB Health& ) Social

The study program

The human body needs regular activity to function optimally and stay healthy. Due to demographic developments, it is becoming apparent that lifestyles based on movement and activity will continue to gain in importance in the coming decades, and that sport will be given an unprecedented social weighting. Thus win health-promoting measures through sport and exercise are becoming increasingly important at all ages. They address the behavior of the individual as well as the design of a health-promoting living environment.

Due to the supply and support need connected with it, exists at the same time the necessity, academized professionals for the growing prevention and health market as well as for the competition-oriented mass and achievement sport to qualify.

With the 7-semester course of studies "Medical Fitness& Athletic Management" (B.Sc.), a sports and exercise science program is offered at the university of applied sciences level forward-looking to meet the requirements of social developments. The training of professionals who can help people of all ages to become enable people to lead healthy lifestyles and help shape a health-promoting living environment, is an elementary pillar in demographic development. In addition, the program offers a link between the competence of medically indicated exercise and prevention programs and target-oriented performance development in competition-oriented popular and competitive sports, and to be able to implement them and evaluate their usefulness.

The distance learning program Medical Fitness& Athletic Management (B.Sc.) at the DIPLOMA University

The distance learning program at DIPLOMA University, which is organized according to the blended learning principle, offers real face-to-face seminars and live online seminars i.d.R. on 12-14 Saturdays per semester on. You can participate in the live online seminars from anywhere using your PC or laptop via the university's own online campus. In addition to a stable Internet connection, you will need a headset and a webcam in order to be able to exchange information with lecturers and fellow students.

Or you can opt for distance learning with real lectures, where you attend seminars in small study groups on-site at a study center. For the Medical Fitness& degree program Athletic Management you can choose between the study centers in Friedrichshafen, Hannover, Kassel, Leipzig, Mannheim and Heilbronn. Further information about distance learning at DIPLOMA University can be found here.

In addition to the lectures, whose attendance is recommended but not mandatory, we provide the following learning tools for self-study:

– study booklets tailored to distance learning, – a comprehensive online library with over 40.000 e-books as well as professional literature and essays, – a large online campus with interaction possibilities between students and teachers.

At the end of each semester, you will take module exams in your study center. In the last semester, you will write a final paper, the bachelor's thesis; you will defend it in a final oral examination (colloquium).

bachelor distance learning medical fitness athletic management study beside the occupation

Dean of Studies Medical Fitness& Athletic Management (B.Sc.)

Our Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. You can reach Michael Maiwald on Thursdays in his personal online consultation hour from 5 – 6 p.m. in this room.

Bachelor distance learning medical fitness athletic management study while working

Medical management of the study program Medical Fitness& Athletic Management (B.Sc.)

bachelor distance learning medical fitness athletic management study besides the occupation

Tutor FB Health& Social


With this sport-scientific course of studies you learn, with the help of different diagnostic methods, individually suitable Organize and implement training and exercise programs. Through scientifically based expertise, you will also be able to analyze innovations and changes in the prevention and health market and develop target group-specific solutions for them. After graduation, you will be able to apply and reflect on the theories and methods of sports and training science in a case-based manner. In addition, your trained competence in combination with the acquired scientific knowledge qualifies you to work as a specialist on the health market for doctors, physiotherapists, sports scientists as well as for clubs, associations and social institutions.

In addition, in the subject block "Management" the qualification to analyze market developments in sports and health care, to initiate new processes and to control the implementation of innovations in a target-oriented way. You are also in a position to With the help of various diagnostic methods, you will learn to manage individual tasks in practice based on your academic knowledge and theoretical principles, and to optimize processes and activities. You create future-proof, efficient and high-performance structures with which your institution or. your work or client can exist on the market.

In this distance learning course, you will find thematic overlaps with some specialties of physiotherapy, health management and naturopathy.

Distance learning Medical Fitness& Athletic Management : Advanced and specialization studies

Electives: Service management and business start-up Stress regulation and relaxation Occupational health management


The job market situation in the healthcare sector has changed significantly in recent years. Occupational prevention programs are increasingly demanded and desired. This leads to the clear Increase the demand for competent professionals, who develop and implement these programs in the plants. In addition, the Demand for specialists and executives in the fitness and health sector, as there is a trend towards so-called "micro-clubs", which offer targeted preventive measures with local expertise. This diversity in the fitness and health market from small group training to individual training (personal training) further underscores the increased need for qualified professionals and managers.

Depending on the focus chosen in the course of study and one's own interests, different areas of employment can open up after graduation: for example, in addition to the classic possibilities of working in direct customer contact, there is also the option of working in teaching, vocational school teaching or even university teaching. Scientific collaboration, collaboration in publishing or even activities in the economy would also be possible. In addition to these areas of application, the major in "Corporate Leadership and Management" also opens up the option of becoming involved in the management or. the management of an own fitness or. prevention facility, a (large) clinic/clinic group, a therapy center or rehabilitation facility, sports clubs/associations or a fitness studio to join.

As graduates of the bachelor's degree program in "Medical Fitness& Athletic Management" (B.Sc.), you will work in the following professional fields in the sports, fitness and health industry, for example:

– Professional and managerial activities in the health sector – Commercial sports facilities, such as sports and recreation centers, gyms, rehabilitation and health centers – Areas of organized recreational and competitive sports as head coach, assistant coach, athletic trainer, Diagnostic trainer and rehabilitation trainer or in the management of clubs/associations – Workplace health promotion in companies – Health insurance companies in the area of prevention Sports and health-related networks of local authorities and federal states – Pre-school and school outside the classroom – Teaching at universities and technical colleges – Self-employment as a personal trainer – Retirement homes and care for the elderly – Research fields in the health sector – Specialized industry fields – Sport event and sport marketing agencies

Salary after distance learning Medical Fitness& Athletic Management

Starting salaries in the fitness sector nationwide average around 2.000 – 3.000 € per month (gross). In the area of personal training, it is also evident that a personal trainer conducts an average of 14 training sessions per week, at an hourly rate of 90-100 €/hr. For academically qualified trainers, this results in earnings of 5.400 – 6.000 € (gross) per month. Graduates of this course therefore have very good prospects for the future.

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