Barley grass wow hair thanks to superfoods

Barley grass: Wow hair thanks to this superfood?

For a long time the green stalks of barley have been hyped. For many sport and beauty fans they belong owing to the numerous nutrients firmly on the food plan. But what exactly is barley grass. Does it really provide for a dream mane? Learn more here.

1. – Superfood barley grass: What's behind it 2. – Effect of barley grass on the body 3. – Use of barley grass for hair loss and thin hair 4. – Barley grass as powder, capsules or tablets 5. – Here's what you should look for when buying barley grass

What we don't do for beautiful hair: cutting, styling and regular hair treatments are almost obligatory! How cool it would be if we could help with hair care not only from the outside, but also from the inside? And that quite simply with a Superfood. For barley grass is just really hyped because of its nourishing properties.

Similar to other superfoods, the trend comes from America, where many Hollywood stars regularly reach for barley grass powder to make healthy shakes for themselves. But what is there to the hype? What is barley grass at all. Why it can give us beautiful hair? We take a closer look at the green powder. Latest trend on the beauty market after biotin gummy bears. Co.: Barley grass in the form of powders or capsules.: Barley grass in the form of powders or capsules. It is said to make hair stronger. In the case of nutrient-induced hair loss, even contribute to more hair growth. But what actually is barley grass? More precisely, the popular powders. Capsules from the stalks of barley. In fact, when barley is grown, green stalks sprout from the ground. And since these grasses are particularly rich in nutrients during a certain growth phase – i.e. before the barley grains sprout – they are harvested and then processed.

The young shoots contain a lot of vitamins, trace elements and minerals, which should not be missing in the diet. In terms of recipe selection, barley grass powder can do a lot: In the bowl, in curd cheese or as smoothies mixed with water, the power food comes along on the menu.

And what about the taste? Barley grass powder tastes slightly sweet and is rather mild. But of course it's not just the taste that makes the green powder so popular. For it is rather the positive effect that the stalks are supposed to have on our organism. So barley grass is considered a great immune booster and a real beauty miracle.

Effect of barley grass on the body

Sugar, coffee and lots of meat: An unhealthy diet lacks the balance needed to maintain a normal acid-base balance. Therefore, it is important not to overacidify the body too much. Barley grass with its alkaline effect promises to bring the organism back to a balanced level.

Thanks to a lot of healthy nutrients, the green grasses are also said to have a positive effect on the entire body. Because the power food contains many vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C or vitamin B1. This is how barley grass can improve the elasticity of the skin. Even stimulate the growth of hair.

What makes the green plants in addition so special: Also the green stalks can be helpful with stomach intestine complaints. The contained dietary fibers bring the digestive system in momentum. No wonder that the green plant is literally on everyone's lips right now.

Use of barley grass for hair loss and thin hair

Thanks to numerous vital substances and trace elements, such as zinc, magnesium and calcium, the green grasses are so popular in the beauty sector. So, in case the hair loss is caused by a lack of nutrients, barley grass can be a remedy. Also micronutrients such as thiamine. Niacin can contribute to the positive effect on our mane. The reason: By taking the superfood, the hair roots can be strengthened from the inside. The follicles are stimulated to produce new hair. If you do not want to take the capsules and powder, you can grow the barley grass stalks yourself. So you have a tasty herb alternative to chives or parsley. In favor of the powder, however, is that you can also mix a hair cure yourself.

Hair treatment with barley grass powder

To do this, mix three teaspoons of the powder with a teaspoon of honey and a glass of water. Apply the cure now on the hair and let it for approx. hour to take effect. Then rinse well. Repeat several times a month or a week. Then rinse well. Repeat several times a month or per week. So the mixture acts directly where it is needed: Namely on the scalp.

By the way, you have an easier alternative with a shampoo that contains barley grass. The ingredients contained in the shampoo should also have a positive effect on the scalp and hair growth. By the way: Barley grass powder mixed with turmeric is also popular for beautiful hair.

Barley grass as powder, capsules or tablets

If you want to try for yourself whether the so hyped barley grass works, you can resort to powder or taking capsules or tablets. The barley grass powder is stirred with water to a shake or smoothies and drunk daily. Depending on the dosage instructions, add one to three heaped teaspoons.

A little less complicated is the intake by means of tablets or capsules. You can also use this type of product if you just don't like the taste of the green plant. Although barley grass is relatively mild, but still brings a sweetish taste of its own.

Three to six capsules are usually recommended to be taken throughout the day. These take you ca. half an hour to 2 hours. before each meal a. Many manufacturers recommend taking barley grass on an empty stomach.

This is what you should look for when buying barley grass

Before you start shopping, a few things are important. Because barley grass powder or capsules are food supplements. Therefore, pay attention to the quality and to the fact that the products come from organic cultivation. Good indications of the quality give z.B. Terms such as "raw food quality" or "laboratory-tested" in the information on the manufacture of the product. If in doubt, buy a high-quality organic product from Germany.

It is also advisable to look at the ingredients of the product. This way you can be sure that the green powders do not contain any additives and that they are really organic if they say organic on them. Equally important: Follow the dosage instructions of the manufacturer. Because an overdose of supplements can often lead to unwanted side effects.

Have you already tried the superfood in powder or capsule form? You are welcome to tell us about your experiences on Facebook or Instagram.

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