Bavarian radio visits the rosana spa center

BR Fernsehen visits RoSana KurzentrumIn October, we welcomed a special guest: The presenter of the BR Fernsehen health magazine, Fero Andersen, wanted to learn more about the background of Ayurveda, the principles and applications for the program. In an atmospheric contribution thus a near portrait of our house developed.

Ayurveda in self-experiment

The team around moderator Fero Andersen was visibly impressed by our RoSana Kurzentrum. The first way led him first to our Ayurveda expert Sharmili Mehar Madishetty, who explained him briefly the basic principles of Ayurveda: "The main concern of Ayurveda as a doctrine of healthy living is prevention. Ayurveda works very well in harmony with conventional medicine to enable sustainable health and possibly reduce medication intake."

In a self-experiment, Fero Andersen finally wanted to learn more about his own dosha and any imbalance that might exist. The pulse diagnosis and detailed anamnesis enlightened him about the fact that as a Vata type with at the same time slightly increased Vata he tends to restlessness and quickness in all matters. Visibly astonished, our guest could only confirm this – he actually has some problems with sleeping. Finally, two other RoSana guests, a Pitta and a Kapha type, shared their positive experiences with Ayurveda in short interviews.

First look

Now Fero Andersen wanted to know more and first went into our steam bath, for which he was prepared with an oil massage tailored to his Vata type. Visibly relaxed, they went to the sweat application with an individual herbal mixture. "This therapy improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, and cleanses the internal body channels," explained Sharmili Mehar Madishetty. The short Ayurveda treatment for Fero Andersen ends with a traditional forehead oil pouring, Shirodhara, with us. "Ayurveda is not a wellness program, but it does have some relaxing, harmonizing elements that do me a lot of good as a fidgety person. It is absolutely worth taking the time for it," sums up Fero Andersen, who finally went to our Ayurveda kitchen with a "big appetite".

More than just getting full

Together with one of the Ayurveda chefs of the RosSana spa center, Simon Mayer, the presenter prepared an Ayurvedic-Bavarian menu at the end of the show: a soup of white root vegetables with colorful cress, black Bavarian lentils with braised pumpkin, spinach and an apple chutney, and an almond rice pudding with plum-rosemary roast were on the menu. Our cook explained to him that lunch is the most important meal of the day in Ayurveda because digestion is at its strongest in the middle of the day. In addition, based on the ingredients, we discussed the six tastes that all dishes in Ayurvedic cuisine contain: Sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and tart. The goal is always to relieve digestion with the right foods. Fero Andersen was amazed by the intense smells of the spices. Could convince themselves of the quality of regional ingredients while harvesting watercress together. Together with the two guests, whom the audience had already met, the menu was visibly enjoyed. "Taste-wise, it's really fun," said the presenter, who, full of energy, suggested a walk around the expansive RoSana grounds. In the end, however, we surprised Fero Andersen with a yoga class and a special meditation and breathing exercise with Mechthild Brosch.

"I am very glad that I got involved with Ayurveda today," he drew a personal conclusion. "All these moments of calm that accompanied me through the day did me so much good and I bet Ayurveda will continue to accompany me".

Who the health! Article "Ayurveda – More than just a wellness trend?"If you would like to watch the entire program, please click here to go to the BR-Fernsehen Mediathek; all the recipes from the menu are available for you to try out on the blog.

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