Bbs anne marie tausch technical high school health and care

February of each year accepted in the secretariat. From 1. March waiting list. There will be no folders. Clearances accepted.

Focus on health care

The focus on health and care is especially recommended if you see a career perspective in these fields.

The 960 Hours comprehensive internship in grade 11 offers the opportunity to get to know the future practice areas and to gain first experiences.

The specialized secondary school combines in-depth subject-related knowledge with a sound general education.

Reach your goal within one or two years.
– Gain a year of valuable professional experience in the practical fields of health and nursing in grade 11. Start directly with class 12. Reach your goal in only one school year. – Prepare for the competencies and skills required for university studies through our teaching content and methods. – Take advantage of our cooperation with Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and attend the first lectures on site.

Training objective and authorizations

The Fachoberschule leads to the Fachhochschulreife and entitles (independent of the chosen specialization) to study at all universities (lt. Amendment to the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act of 2010, all universities of applied sciences have been renamed universities).

Admission requirements

Class 11

Anyone who has completed secondary school (Realschulabschluss) or an equivalent qualification can be admitted to class 11 of the Fachoberschule. In addition, a contract with suitable practical facilities for the two specialties must be proven by the beginning of the training course.

Those who have successfully completed at least two years of relevant vocational training and a vocational school leaving certificate can be admitted directly to grade 12. This also applies, for example, to state-certified nursing assistants.

Another possibility is the successful completion of the introductory phase of the vocational high school for health and social work, with a focus on health care, and the completion of a relevant internship in an internship facility totaling at least 960 hours.

Training schedule

In grade 11, training takes the form of internships and classroom-based instruction. The internship comprises a total of 960 time hours. Is to be completed on three days with 24 hours weekly in suitable facilities.

It is intended to provide as comprehensive an overview as possible of operational procedures as well as possible fields of work. The internship is conducted in equal parts in the areas of care and health. Possible facilities are

– in the area of care z.B. Wolfsburg Hospital, nursing homes, outpatient care facilities – in the area of health z.B.

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