Beer and health

Beer and healthIt is well known that wine can have a beneficial effect on general health when consumed in moderation. But also for centuries there has been an amption that beer is a natural medicine.

Also with the beer applies – the quantity makes the poison. (Photo by: belchonock / Depositphotos)


The beer belongs to the most popular drinks of the Germans, which is not only due to the taste. Also exists for centuries the general idea that beer is beneficial to health.

It is amed that this assessment may already date back to the Middle Ages, when the Monks with the brewing of beer have been busy and could survive even the longest fasting period with the beer. From this time comes also the expression "liquid bread".

But likewise the beer with the negative phenomena, as for example the Beer belly, connected. However, as with wine, it is true that it depends on the correct measure and overindulgence will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect.

The alcohol and the calories

It is a fact that already the old monks with the beer during the Lent their Nutritional deficit could compensate and certainly especially this time has been a lot more fun. This is due to the calories and the alcohol contained in the beer.

It should be kept in mind that a glass of bock beer with 0.2 liters about as much Calories like a roll contains. The higher the alcohol content of a beer, the greater the calorific value located.

If one sets for example a glass Cola with the same quantity in the direct comparison, then it is noticeable that the Cola average as much calories how a pils contains. Although the alcohol contained is burned by the metabolism, the body converts the unusable energy into fat, which results in a Beer belly or in Fat pads reflects.

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