Before travel to kenya vaccinate against hepatitis a healthy child

Vaccinate against hepatitis A before traveling to Kenya?Is a hepatitis A vaccination necessary for a 13 year old child if an individual trip to Kenya is planned??

The German Foreign Office recommends as travel vaccinations for Kenya vaccinations against hepatitis A, in case of long-term stay or special exposure also against hepatitis B, meningococcal ACWY, typhoid and rabies. Vaccination against yellow fever is only mandatory when entering Kenya from a yellow fever area, but is recommended for all travelers. In addition, the standard vaccinations should be complete in accordance with the STIKO recommendations.

The recommendation of a travel vaccination against hepatitis A before traveling to Kenya applies to children as well as adults and for all conditions of stay. For more information on the disease pattern, transmission, and vaccination against hepatitis A, see gesundes-kind.en/…/. Please also note the other travel-. Safety advice of the German Foreign Office for Kenya at auswaertiges-amt.en/…de/…/208058.

Please understand that we cannot give individual vaccination recommendations. It is best to consult a doctor specializing in travel medicine at least six weeks before departure. Individual consultation at the public health department (search for a doctor z.B. under fit-for-travel.en/…/).

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*The information given in the answers corresponds to the scientific status at the time of writing.

vaccinate healthy child against hepatitis a before trip to kenya

Our expert advice from the Center for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at the University Medical Center Mainz answers your questions about vaccination protection for children.

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Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Mainz University Medical Center

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