Behavior in case of illness realschule plus and fachoberschule schifferstadt

Excuse writing sicknessIf your child is sick, please report him/her sick immediately to the school secretary's office no later than 08:00 a.m.

You can contact us by phone, send us an e-mail, or use the online sick leave notification on this page.

On the third day of illness must a written excuse will be submitted by you. We expressly point out that every Sick day also in writing Must be excused within three business days. (An email or online sick note is NOT a written excuse!)

In order for our secretaries to pass on the sick leave request as quickly as possible, please be sure to provide the following information.

If your child falls ill directly before or after the vacations, we require a medical certificate from.

This contact form does not exempt from a written apology! Use our excused absence form for the written excuse.

GTS children and lunch

If your child is registered for lunch and becomes ill, you must cancel the lunch yourself no later than 8.00 o'clock, otherwise you will be charged for the meal. Follow this link.

If we do not receive a note from you, but a tardy is reported from class, we will contact you (see last sentence in the school policy). However, if your child is absent without excuse several times, we are legally obligated to take further action.

Foreseeable absences

Leave of absence directly before and after the vacations should, according to § 36 (2) of the school regulations not be pronounced. Please note that unauthorized absences can result in a heavy fine.

Absences that are foreseeable must be requested and approved in writing with a leave of absence request in good time before the absence occurs. The request is to be submitted informally, but justified. In the case of missing individual lessons, the subject teachers must be asked for permission, in the case of absences of up to three days, the class teacher must be asked for permission, in the case of absences of four or more days and in the case of absences directly before or after vacations, the head teacher must be asked for permission.

Info for students

What do I have to do if I get sick during lessons?

If you are not feeling well during class, please tell your teacher or the teacher's office. to your teacher, then you can go to the secretary's office. There you will be taken care of. For light cases, there are plasters or even a cup of tea, but if that is not enough, there is also the possibility to call home and be picked up.

Is it possible to take a leave of absence for a special?

Yes, this can be. If, for example, you have to go to a health cure that cannot be organized during the vacation period, or if you are an athlete competing in a major championship, you can ask for leave of absence in advance, depending on the duration of your absence, from your class teacher or from the school administration.

The school regulations stipulate in § 37 the rules for absences from school:

"If a student is prevented from attending classes or other school events declared to be compulsory, he or, in the case of a minor, the parents shall notify the school immediately and explain the reasons in writing not later than the third day. The additional submission of evidence, in special cases medical, exceptionally school medical certificates, may be required."

Our office can be reached:

Monday – Thursday 07:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m

Friday from 07:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m

behavior in case of illness realschule plus und fachoberschule schifferstadt behavior in case of illness realschule plus und fachoberschule schifferstadt

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