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BE – healthy, conscious, aliveHow to lead a healthy life. We all want a good life, but we don't know exactly what that means: health, happiness, fulfillment? We take a lot for granted. Only in crises do we realize how fragile and valuable our own life is. We feel at the mercy. Thereby we have our well-being in our own hands. The film "BE – healthy, conscious, alive" shows how we can change and shape our lives in order to initiate healing processes. In the film SEIN five people dare the project self-healing. They radically change their lifestyle and take responsibility for their mind and body. Ranja gets in touch with herself through yoga, Stephan discovers the power of medicinal and wild herbs, and Mona becomes pain-free through a vegan diet. Dominique finds vitality through sports and exercise and Chris lives mindfulness and meditation. What they all have in common is that the change makes them feel happier and more alive. Whoever starts with one area is embarking on the most beautiful journey of life: to their own BEING. HIS is at the same time a practical guide. Experts give tips on yoga, exercise, fasting, nutrition, relaxation and meditation.

The path to health often begins with breaking a daily habit and leads to a change in overall lifestyle. Dr. Andreas Michalsen argues that knowledge about nutrition is true medicine and an elementary key to healing almost all diseases. Dr. Tobias Esch explains that relaxation can be actively practiced and thus serve as an antipole to our hectic lives. Dr. Francoise Wilhelmi da Toledo proves by numerous studies measurable effects on the metabolism and the tendency by chamfering. Dr. Elke Jager has discovered that exercise has a positive effect on serious illnesses such as cancer and can even increase performance. The health of our guests. Employees are our top priority.


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