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January were born. Whether your Baby really has small horns and how it ticks, you can find out here.

Temperament zodiac sign Capricorn

Capricorn children are sensible and reliable children who already have a certain maturity at a young age. To feel safe and secure, they need clear rules and structures, a regular daily routine and a familiar environment. Everything should have its certain order. Going their own way.

Personal concerns

Sudden changes and unforeseen surprises Capricorns do not like so much. They prefer the tried and true. Known before the new. They are slow to get used to new situations, so they prefer to plan rather than give in to spontaneous impulses. Little Capricorns know early on what they want and why. With great ambition, patience and consistency, they go their own way, no matter how steep and rocky it may be.

Birth chart Capricorn: Social characteristics

Capricorn children are initially rather reserved in meeting other people. In seemingly cool distance they observe their surroundings very closely. Their trust has to be earned and it will take some time to be allowed to look inside them. However, once someone has won their heart, they are the most reliable and loyal companions who never let you down even on not so good days.

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Tips for parents

Your child belongs to the realistic and down-to-earth people who set clear goals in life and work on them until they achieve them. His activities must have hand and foot and be worthwhile. It has a strong perseverance and is very thorough in everything it does. If it has set its mind on something, it can sometimes be quite stubborn and it is difficult to be diaded from its opinion. Your child probably accepts bans and rules best when he understands your motives.

Because of its thoroughness and its high demand for perfection, it may take a little longer with some things. Give it the time it needs to be accurate. Since children with Sun in Capricorn are very ambitious, you should take away your child's fear of failure and also admit mistakes.

Because of the pronounced serious side that people born under the sign of Capricorn have, it is important for your little sunshine to be allowed to be a child. Your little one needs a warm family climate that gives them rearance and love, regardless of their accomplishments. With the open showing of feelings and affection and with lots of caresses, you promote your playful and enjoyable side. It could find further access to its inner self by engaging in artistic things (like music, painting, handicrafts, dancing,…). For his emotional development it is important to realize that there are other values in life than performance and success. The birth chart interprets the predispositions. The fate of a person from the position of the stars. The birth horoscope is therefore not a psychological report on the individual personality, but describes general traits and their development possibilities based on astrological experiences and observations. A birth chart will never tell the exact future events. Being able to predict developments in the life of a particular person.

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