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How healthy is black tea?

Is black tea healthy? And especially how healthy? This question is often asked by tea lovers and those who want to become tea lovers. To answer this interesting question, we collect a few facts and opinions.

Facts: How much health is in black tea?

A well-known fact: black tea contains caffeine. However, the effect is not comparable to that of coffee. After drinking tea, the caffeine from the tea is slowly transferred to the body. So the tea from the morning can still have its effect in the afternoon. Many appreciate this effect, because it allows to increase the concentration over a longer period of time.

In addition, black tea contains well-known ingredients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphate, fluorine, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Every body can do a lot with it.

Unfortunately, there have also been reports that black tea may be contaminated. Of course, this also raises the question of how healthy black tea is. Often, however, a pure question of quality arises here. Our recommendation are therefore high-quality organic teas, which you can also order directly in our online store.

Prejudices and opinions: Is the black tea unhealthy?

The black tea has to fight also with some prejudices. It is said to cause heart palpitations and to dehydrate the body. But these are too sweeping statements. Who is sensitive, probably gets with a coffee just as (or even more easily) heart palpitations or sleep problems.

The fact that black tea is more harmful than coffee – possibly because of the slower release of caffeine – also falls into the category of evil prejudices. In fact, if you compare the common varieties, it contains less caffeine.

Rightly the tea is attested a positive effect with diarrhea illnesses. This, in this case, healthy and helpful effect occurs when you let the black tea steep significantly longer than usual. Ten minutes is a good benchmark.

However, this should not become a habit: The important thing with black tea is that you pay attention to the correct preparation. That is, do not steep it much longer than recommended. On the one hand you get a perfect taste experience, on the other hand you also control the tannins.

Nevertheless, as with all beverages, one must not forget the balance. If you consume more than one cup a day and try to cover your fluid intake mainly or only with black tea, you may develop an iron deficiency or a vitamin deficiency.

Often pregnant women are also advised against black tea. In fact, there are more recommendable teas during pregnancy. A brilliant choice for pregnant women is fruit tea .

Convincing studies: black tea is so healthy

To clarify how healthy black tea is, there are also interesting scientific studies. A few years ago, an exciting study on black tea came out of England, a country of tea drinkers .

The surprising result for some was: the popular black tea does not harm the circulatory system. In fact, it was found that drinking three or four cups a day is a good way to reduce the risk of heart attack. The reason for this was found in the flavonoids, which are ingredients of the tea.

Another positive effect is the strengthening of bones. But that's not all: even the teeth appreciate the pleasure of tea, because polyphenols and fluoride are further ingredients of black tea. This counteracts dental plaque. Prevents tooth decay. This thesis is also supported by doctors from the University of Illinois.

More current is a study of Bremen scientists. This supports the opinion of the English. The most important thing is that those who drink black tea are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The ingredient theaflavin digallate thus increases the life expectancy of tea friends.

Conclusion: How healthy is black tea??

These studies from the last years underline: Black tea is healthy and useful in many cases. It provides valuable ingredients that can even prolong life and prevent diseases. So you can confidently do away with many prejudices. This noble tea variety is more than just an energy supplier with a certain kick.

If you are pregnant or particularly sensitive to caffeine, for example, you should exercise caution and switch to other types of tea, which can also have a very healthy effect, but are more digestible in these special cases.

Black tea in the online store

In our online store on Kobu Tea& Futon you will find a variety of high quality black tea, which not only tastes delicious, but can also make their contribution to your health. Convince yourself best.

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