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What is plasma cell pododermatitis? Pododermatitis, also known as "pillowfoot," is a rare condition in which kittens suffer inflammation of the pads of their feet – typically caused by immune stimulation, although the exact cause is unknown.

Paw pads are infiltrated by plasma cells, a type of white blood cell. This can lead to rips, tears and irritation, not fun for a kitten who likes to jump and romp around! If it gets severe enough, the pads can become uncomfortable and cause your kitten to walk with a limp. Cats may also lick and chew their feet.

This handsome tuxedo, Little Herbie Johnson, is one of the kittens affected by it, but its playful nature cannot be suppressed.

Blog nhv natural pet products

We originally heard from pet parent Sarah in October after she was looking for relief for little Herbie. She noticed her kitten's paws were getting sore and tender because of her pillow foot. The veterinarian prepared a steroid formula for him. She knew he was full of life and wanted to look for natural ways to keep inflammation down. She did not want to give medication for too long, fearing it could lead to long-term kidney and autoimmune problems.

Common symptoms of pododermatitis:

– Swollen, soft, scaly foot pads – Bleeds quickly – Tender, swollen, squishy, purple and bruised – Sores can develop on the pads and burst open – Limping and paw biting


If your cat has pododermatitis, your veterinarian may administer antibiotics to fight infection and steroids to fight inflammation and regulate the immune system. Most cats will see improvements after going through a round of treatment. In some cases, if the pillow paw is bad enough, your veterinarian may suggest surgery. Nutrition also plays an important role in combating inflammation. Your veterinarian may suggest elimination to find out what foods your kitten is reacting to, or test for environmental allergies.

We were happy to hear about Herbie's progress soon after the start. Pet Mom Sarah has enthusiastically started him on a holistic regimen:

I give NHV supplements to my Tuxedo baby, Little Herbie Johnson. Herbie is about 6-7 years old. He found me when he was a young cat. Suffering from so-called plasma cell pododermatitis or pillow foot. It causes unpleasant calluses, bruises and cracks on the soles of the feet. It would hurt him to go; He always kept his paws up.

Blog nhv natural pet products

The vet told me he would be on steroids for the rest of his life; they would shorten his life. Meanwhile, the serious health problems they cause would shorten his life. I refused to accept this. I had seen several cats on Twitter talking about NHV products and decided to give them a try.

We use 5 NHV supplements for him. We mix in an empty bottle. Herbie is extremely picky, so the option for food and treats was off. He gets 2 pipettes of the supplements per day. He doesn't put up a fight or fuss, so there's probably no taste, just the mild annoyance of opening his mouth for the pipettes.

I have just started using it with other NHV supplements for 2 of its siblings.

I will say that the combination of the 5 made a difference. He behaves like when he first found me. He's a little spunky (he's always been cool), he plays a little, scampers around, and now wants to be back on my lap every day. The symptoms of cushion foot are much better. The cracking/chipping is much better. The bruises become less. I know this part is going to take some time. Your staff is wonderful. I told a friend about you. In the end she ordered something for her cats and dogs! NHV is a blessing. Thanks a lot! Update January 2019 – We stayed in touch with Herbie's mother Sarah -. She had wonderful news to share about Herbie's progress.

Awwh, my baby. We are grateful for NHV. Herbaloo is doing great! We now have a routine. Herbie, 2 siblings& 1 puppy siblings on NHV products. Everyone feels great! He gets into trouble occasionally! OK, he can do no wrong. It kills me that he feels so good about being FRECH! I love it.

AM supplement we take them in a crate or on the floor. Herbie's pillow foot gets Stimmune, Felimm, Yucca, ES Clear, and Milk Thistle. He rarely lifts his paws in pain now. There are 2 sites that looked like extra claws were growing and shrinking slowly. He is talking to us now.

What nutritional supplements does Little Herbie Johnson get??

To attack the inflammation Herbie gets a daily mixture of Stimmune, Felim, Yucca, ES-free, and milk thistle. These various supplements have unique herbal properties that support the immune system.

Stimmune supports the immune system and is beneficial for autoimmune diseases, skin allergies, infections and food allergies. It helps restore immune function. Is particularly beneficial for allergies.

Felim helps to strengthen the weakened immune system of your cat, increases its ability to fight infections and promotes detoxification of the lymphatic system.

Yucca Contains steroidal saponins that help the body use and produce its own corticosteroids and corticosteroid-related hormones

ES clear similarly helps the immune system, but also contributes to general well-being. It also helps with energy and appetite. We have worked with these nutritional supplements. Various autoimmune diseases has achieved very good results. Milk Thistle helps cleanse and detoxify vital organs and is full of antioxidants for your kitty's health. It improves the function and regeneration of the liver and kidneys, especially when overworked.

We have also recommended NHV Heal care ointment for Herbie's paw pads. It can help reduce discomfort and inflammation.

If your fur child suffers from inflammation? Especially as these cold winter months are upon us, your pet's skin may just need a little extra care. If you need help choosing the right supplements, please contact one of our staff NHV pet experts.

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