Bloombux as a better alternative

Bloombux® as a robust and flowering alternativeBoxwood is one of the most popular green plants among gardeners and landscape gardeners in Germany and throughout Europe. No wonder, because hardly any other plant can be used as a hedge or specimen plant as excellently as the box tree can be. Moreover, thanks to individual pruning, each boxwood is transformed into a real masterpiece of garden art. Presents itself in this way as an attractive eye-catcher in any green landscape.

In addition to these many positive attributes generally associated with boxwood, however, there are also a number of disadvantages: The boxwood is susceptible to diseases and pests, requires a very differentiated and time-consuming care and can not inspire with colorful flowers.

That is why our Bloombux® can be named as an alternative to the classic box tree. Why exactly this is the case and what advantages you can expect, we tell you below.

Bloombux as a better alternative

Bloombux as a better alternative

Get to know boxwood

What is a boxwood?

As a rule, even those who would not necessarily call gardening and planting their hobby have heard of a box tree. Finally, everyone knows the pictures of English gardens, in which enormous boxwood balls or other figures from boxwood in the accurate cut provide for real eye-catchers. The boxwood belongs to the family of boxwoods (Buxus). In this country is often used as a shrub or as a hedge plant. The most distinctive feature is its good tolerance to pruning – with the help of such pruning, the boxwood can be transformed into a figure of your choice.

While the box tree belongs to the category Buxus, our Bloombux® comes from a completely different family. It is not a plant of the box family, but a rhododendron. This special cultivation has all the characteristics of a normal boxwood, but scores with some additional features that can be considered as a clear advantage over the boxwood. The Bloombux®-is an evergreen shrub that can be used as a hedge as well as a specimen plant in a container or in the garden.

Bloombux ® on the terrace with the 360° panoramic view.

flower& form

The modern Bloombux® offers you flower& form in a plant. As a flowering evergreen hedge it is the eye-catcher in every garden. It is suitable for container planting on the patio. For topiary (cut best directly after flowering). It combines a beautiful bloom in June with the good properties similar to those of the boxwood. Bloombux® is a low-maintenance rhododendron that will grow in almost any loose garden soil.

Bloombux ® is available in two different colors: Bloombux ® Pink (pale pink) and Magenta.

blooming in June

ideal for containers and gardens

Bloombux®: What are the advantages??

The list of advantages that the Bloombux® has over the true Buxus as a boxwood is long:

– less susceptible to boxwood pests and diseases – beautiful blossoms in spring – faster growth – cut tolerant – easy to care for

What most friends of classic boxwoods usually despair of are mainly the boxwood pests as well as the boxwood diseases. Boxwood caterpillars or boxwood moths can quickly spread in your own garden, which in turn attack and damage all plants. Fungi or other diseases can also spread quickly if the plant is not cared for properly or inadequately. The Bloombux® reliably protects you in this respect: As a rhododendron, it is insensitive to the typical boxwood diseases and boxwood pests.

Bloombux as a better alternative

Boxwood pests not with Bloombux®

What to do against boxwood borer?

Especially in recent years, the boxwood borer has become the most talked about pest of box trees. This is a moth whose offspring, the caterpillars, do not even stop at large stands of boxwoods. So far, no effective remedy against the boxwood borer has been developed and not only private owners of the hedge plants, but also nurseries, large-scale nurseries and landscape parks are powerless. If you want to fight the boxwood borer, you have to have time and patience, because the boxwood caterpillars often have to be picked off and disposed of by hand. On the other hand, the method is not one hundred percent effective, because a new infestation of the boxwood borer can occur at any time.

You will have significantly less trouble with the boxwood borer if you buy a Bloombux® directly instead of a boxwood tree. After all, our Bloombux®, which has already won several awards as a new plant variety, is not a boxwood, but a rhododendron. Boxwood borer and other boxwood pests can therefore not harm him. The same is true for other boxwood diseases that can cause shoot death, leaf rot, or other unsightly symptoms. So if you choose a Bloombux® from the start, the typical boxwood diseases and pests cannot harm you.

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