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Puppy trade: unfortunately often not a clean businessJust during the corona pandemic, the desire for a pet has increased in many people. Puppies are also asked. But where do the dogs actually come from? And how does such a purchase work?

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Illegal offers to buy puppies can be found more and more often on the Internet. The problem with this is that these animals are often too young, weakened, unvaccinated and insufficiently socialized. What many do not know: There are certain criteria for the purchase of dogs and puppies to ensure that the animal comes from a good environment and can integrate well with the new owners. Unfortunately, the illegal offers create a puppy trade that supports criminal and fraudulent schemes. Therefore, be attentive, because criminal providers can be recognized. How to avoid cost traps and protect the dogs and yourself from suffering.

Deceptive offers on the Internet

Many animals from illegal puppy trade are bred under bad conditions. On the photos on the on-line portals, where the animals are offered, is to be seen nothing of it. The puppies become as appealing as possible. Cute presented. Most of the time they are much too young to be already separated from the mother dog. Due to poor rearing and early separation, they are often sick and develop behavioral disorders later in life. Accompanying papers are often falsified.

Checklist for buying a puppy

What you should look out for!

Have you also ever seen a puppy for sale on the Internet? Have you become suspicious because of the price? You can help to end the illegal puppy trade. Anyone who buys such an animal out of ignorance or pity is supporting a system that deliberately deceives potential buyers. In order to be able to stop the criminal machinations effectively, we advertise for your assistance. Look closely, because you can recognize illegal offers. Report suspicious cases to the competent veterinary office or the police.

Recognize dubious offers on the Internet

Since the illegal puppy trade usually takes place via online classified ad portals, it is not always easy to distinguish serious from unserious offers. Therefore, critically examine the information in the sales advertisements. Insist on an on-site visit with the breeder. Alarm signs for dubious offers include:

– The puppies are poorly or insufficiently described in the ads. – Vendors appear using a pseudonym.
– One and the same supplier has different breeds on offer. – The providers offer home delivery. – You should also be skeptical if there are no photos of the mother dog in the advertisement.

What you should pay attention to when buying a puppy

Buy only on the spot from the breeder. Don't get involved with home delivery or meeting place delivery! You can expect a good provider to take the time to answer your questions and provide you with comprehensive insights. It is also a good sign if you are allowed further visits and are kept up to date on the development of "your" puppy.

Insist on being allowed to see the mother animal. Don't be fobbed off with statements like, "Being carried out right now" or the like. If you are denied contact with the mother dog, this is a clear warning signal.

Get a picture of where and how the puppies grow up. Young dogs need a clean. Suitable environment. Is the place where the puppies are presented to you their permanent residence area? Is there a whelping box or other secure demarcated area? Are there toys, a couch cushion and suitable employment material?

Ask about the age. Puppies need to spend enough time with their mother and siblings to learn the basic rules of their canine life. The German animal protection dog regulation prescribes: A dog may be separated from the mother dog and siblings after eight weeks at the earliest. For puppies from the EU -foreign countries even a minimum age of 15 weeks is valid. Inquire about the state of health. Require proof of vaccination. Puppies should be vaccinated against canine distemper, parvovirosis and leptospirosis after eight weeks of age. Also a vaccination against the contagious liver inflammation (Hepatitis contagiosa canis). Against the parainfluenza virus is recommended. Also ask if and when the puppy has been dewormed. Rabies vaccination is also important. In the case of animals from abroad, this is mandatory. Puppies from Germany are usually not yet vaccinated against rabies, as the vaccination can only be administered at the age of twelve weeks.

Inform yourself about the dimensions of breeding. Taking care of the puppies in a litter requires a lot of time and energy. If there are more than three litters per year or more than three females capable of reproducing, breeding is considered commercial and requires a permit from the veterinary authority. Do not be afraid to ask for the permission certificate in this case.

Conclusion with purchase contract

Insist on a contract of sale. A serious purchase should be sealed with a purchase contract. In this, the grower must be identified by name. In addition, the rights. Duties of both parties to be clearly established. If in doubt about the identity of the seller, ask to see an identification document.

Let yourself be calmly questioned. The breeder wants to know how and where they live? This is a good sign! Reputable providers have an interest in making sure their puppies are in good hands. Therefore, they will not only willingly answer all questions themselves, but also ask some themselves. If, on the other hand, you get the impression that it is only about a quick, most profitable sale, you should better distance yourself.

Origin-dependent requirements for the puppy trade

Vaccination at the age of 12 weeks at the earliest

(at least 21 days before crossing the border)

Vaccination at the earliest at the age of 12 weeks

Vaccination at the earliest at the age of 12 weeks,

at least 30 days after vaccination and at least 3 months before entry into DEU blood test to determine the rabies titer in the animals

If the puppies come from another EU country or a third country, both dealers and animal welfare organizations must have a permit under animal welfare law (§ 11 permit).

Activities against illegal puppy trade

Puppy purchase – well informed instead of spontaneous

The purchase of an animal should always be well-considered, after all, here is another member in your family, for which you will be responsible for many years. Especially for young dogs, which are separated from their mother after a few weeks and will spend their lives in a new home, this is especially true. Have enough time permanently. Place for a dog? – Can you afford the costs for food, care or veterinary treatment without problems and in the long term? – Is keeping a dog compatible with your lifestyle? If yes: Which dog breed resp. Which type of dog suits you best? – Do you or your family have allergies that would be worsened by buying a dog?? – Must it be a pedigree dog from the breeder? Or could a dog from the animal shelter be an alternative for you??

If you decide to buy a puppy from a breeder, you should consider a number of important points. The following checklist will help you make a responsible puppy purchase.

Since many dubious suppliers operate from abroad and the dogs are mostly offered via online portals, it is difficult to take action against the illegal puppy trade. The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMEL) is therefore taking action at various levels to combat illegal offers.

Estimated 10.7 10.7 million dogs live in German households.

Monitoring of online retailing is supplemented by on-site controls. To make this even more effective, a guideline for the authorities has been developed under the leadership of the BMEL so that violations in the trade of dogs and cats can be detected more quickly.

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