Body box the fitness health studio studio

Training areaIn an area of 1600 square meters you will find the equipment you need to do something for your health and against your pain, to build muscles and improve your figure.

For the training of the main muscle groups in the equipment area machines of the companies Gym80, Hammerstrength/LifeFitness, CYBEX and ATX are available to you. For training with free weights you can use two powerracks, several deadlift platforms, dumbbells up to 60 kg and various special bars.

Strength and muscle building training

Equipment training and training with free weights are used for muscle building, figure improvement and improvement of strength and strength endurance. In combination with flexibility training, it is THE MEANS to improve joint stability and mobility and to relieve pain.

Cardiovascular training

For your cardiovascular training (cardio) we have equipment from StarTrac and Concept2 ready for you. To provide variety we have bicycle ergometers, treadmills (electro and curved), cross trainers, steppers, rowing ergometers, Assaultbikes and SkiErgs. No matter whether for health-oriented endurance training or for ambitious fitness training – you will always find the right equipment for you here.

With this training you improve your endurance capacity and the function of your cardiovascular and vascular system. Among many other positive health effects, such as.B.

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