Book disease as symbol by dr. Ruediger dahlke

In hundreds of disease patterns and thousands of symptoms, Paracelsus' old idea of the unity of body and soul and their close interaction becomes vividly clear." Ruediger Dahlke

– Hardcover book with dust jacket, 784 pages, 13.5 x 21.5 cm – ISBN: 978-3-570-12265-5 – 25.Edition 2014

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Information about the book

Understanding disease symptoms means deciphering the meaning of a disease. Ruediger Dahlke helps us, with the standard work "illness as a symbol" interpret the message of an illness. In his comprehensive reference book "Illness as a Symbol" realizes Ruediger Dahlke a central request of its medical – therapeutic work. This symbol – encyclopedia of disease pictures can become the ideal reference book for those who are willing to learn from their disease pictures. The secrets behind minor, serious to threatening diseases are systematically uncovered from A to Z and their key messages and learning tasks are unfolded in keywords in front of the user. Thus "illness as a symbol" can become a chance to grow by overcoming them. Even if it may be unpleasant in the short term and almost always costs overcoming to let symptoms enlighten you about your own learning tasks, in the long term it is exceedingly rewarding and liberating.

In total, more than 400 clinical pictures with well over 1000 symptoms have found their way into the book. It offers help for self-help and enables you to face the upcoming learning tasks on your own responsibility.

The longseller (about 200.000 Ex.) in a completely revised and extended version.

About the author

Dr. med. Ruediger Dahlke, Born in 1951, studied medicine in Munich and had a practice as a psychotherapist. Today Ruediger Dahlke is internationally active as a fasting physician, seminar leader and lecturer. He is the author of numerous bestsellers such as "Illness as the language of the soul", which have been translated into many languages. His longseller "Illness as a symbol is now available in a completely updated edition.

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book disease as symbol by dr. ruediger dahlke

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